Update: Lady AEvia of Nordengal

Photo by THL Eirik Anderson

Magistra Nicolaa de Bracton

As those who followed the updates in the Pennsic Independent will know, Melissa
Richmond (known in the Society as Lady AEvia of Nordengal) went missing on July 24
and was later found murdered in a ravine outside a shopping centre in the Ottawa, ON
area. Her SCA family, some of whom were at Pennsic, rallied around her husband and
family. A card was available in Eoforwic camp to leave condolences, and was taken
home by Master Hector when he left on Thursday. Many others left Pennsic early in
order to attend yesterday's visitation and today's funeral. Their Majesties
Trumbrand and Kaylah of Ealdormere held a moment of silence at the beginning of
Ealdormere Court on Thursday in her honour, as well as ensuring her banner was
carried onto the field in battles on Thursday and Friday.
Recent developments have brought a tragic turn to the story. As was reported
yesterday in the Ottawa Citizen and Ottawa Sun, and later aired nationally on CBC
and CTV News, Melissa's husband, Howard Richmond (known in the SCA as Lord
Vodnikov), was arrested in connection with the slaying. Today he was formally
charged with first-degree murder. There is a publication ban on the proceedings, so
details are scarce. The Ottawa Citizen has reported that he and his wife were
facing a loan default and that he had undergone treatment for Post Traumatic Stress
Disorder in relation to his military service (which included three tours in
Here are links to some of the most recent updates:
Obviously, this news has been shocking to those of us in Ealdormere, particularly
Lady AEvia's close SCA friends in the Barony of Skraeling Althing, but also to those
who have known Lord Vodnikov for many, many years (I am one of those people).
Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers, particularly Dame TSivia, who was
Lady AEvia's Pelican and who is also part of the Pennsic Independent family.
At this time, words fail.