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Unclassified advertisements for the Pennsic Independent Web Edition, Pennsic 32 (2003).


Events Open to All

Reform Jewish Shabat 7 PM Friday night. Silver Dragon Co #11 Bow St. Downhill of the barn near the bathhouse. Oneg follows.

12 step meetings daily at 4 PM. E07, Denys the Decadent’s Camp. All welcome. AA, NA, OASA, etc. Open meeting.

Æthelmearc bardic buffet and performance - Æthelmearc Royal Camp, N04 9 PM, Thursday, August 14th.

SCA Welsh Yahoo Group Mtg. Thursday, 8 PM Concordia, N01. Gwen Gwsfwt.

Signing your work - Japanese signatures and seals. Japanese calligraphy part five, Friday 2-3 Clan Yama Kaminari, E03 Red Banners near troll. Newcomers welcome - Solveig Thorondardottir.

Animism to Zen - Japanese religion. Friday 4-5 Clan Yama Kaminari, E03 Red Banners near troll. Newcomers welcome - Solveig Thorondardottir.

YAMABIKO-ZA Presents the comic plays Kaminari and Uko Sako - Friday 6:00 at Clan Yama Kaminari E03, near troll with red banners - Solveig Throndardottir.

The 2nd Annual Knowne World Baronial Champions Tournament will be held Thursday, August 14th at 4 PM at the Cynnabar Main Battlefield pavilion.

A service: To students seeking middle eastern classes in private camps. Please visit Orluk Oasis (W10) and we will be happy to guide you to your class.


Come to the Knowne Worlde Drynke Makers Contest at Cada Bardicci. Thursday, noon to 4 PM E20 behind Vlad’s. Join us for a subtlety competition and exhibition. See the glorious casa by light of day.

Lost & Found

The Meridian and Calontirian Party will be held Thursday at 8 PM in A&S tents 10 and 11.


EAST KINGDOM ALLIED WAR PARTY! Come Allies and Friends of the East to taste the flavor of the southern region. Open to all! 21 to drink, please bring ID. Free door prize!!! Tonight, 9 PM.

SOLAR/NERO gathering at Nero. It’s “Be all that you can’t be,” so at Pennsic, let’s do all that we can’t do at NERO. If you play, join us Thursday eve at Willow Point for a get-together and a roving party. Willow Point is located at E-19, the corner or Eastern Highway and Winged Wolf Way.

VIKING RAIDING PARTY™! Thursday night, 10ish. Departing from Cloak & Dagger. Bring Wagons & weapons. Space 15 by the showers.



For Sale


How much have you spent on your armor?

How much have you spent on your garb?

How much have you spent on your children?

This has been a public service announcement from Claus of Burzee, Toymaker


NEED A BOUNTY HUNTER? Find one at Norseland! We will hunt the person you need to find. Ask for Vargar.

Favorite tunic didn’t survive the parties at Pennsic? Custom-build a new one at www.GarbtheWorld.com . Custom-made reasonably priced tunics, pants (pockets), cloaks, kilts, robes, dresses, belts and more. Special outfits for newbies, Saxons, Vikings, Normans, Vandals, Jutes, etc. FREE SHIPPING via UPS ground on your first order. Voucher 109042003. Garb the World.

The Crystal Dragon is having a clearance sale & new arrivals. Bellydance, trim & applique. Also tent 10x20 Gothic Arch with walls. $200/obo

Straw hats $4. Hammond Crafts, Bazaar Z 13.

“Fortune’s forecast, Lucky charms! Get the dope with your horoscope!” Cards and runes read $15, silver chains and charms from $5 and up. Cabochons - Merchant 21

VELLUM - Genuine Opaline Vellum, imported from England, first quality - Full folio sheet $30, half folio $15. For that special scroll. Guild of Limners, #24

Portraits drawn in pencil or charcoal: $15, minatures $100. Cabochons - Merchant 21

BEST PLUMES AT PENNSIC! Z 13 Bazaar behind the barn.

Striped Linen & knotted cord buttons for your Islamic-style garb. DRAGON’S Magic, booth #25

Stunning white canopy @ E04. 10x10x10, $215 obo by Apple. Contact Tamara of Østgardr. Leave Info.

For Sale: 2 bsn kitch sink w/faucet, fold dwn ct6 board, on wheels. Kitch counter on wheels, w/cold storage sect. 2 cupboards, and 2 dwrs. Make offer to forge booth 117

Find Freya’s Fabrics behind the Stave Church. Silk, cotton, linen, wool brocade, trim, buttons. All natural fibers!! We also have candles!

Winged Cats are here! Get your Flutterkitties at Z13 in the Bazaar behind the barn!

Do you know that rare man who is a knight “24-7”? Buy him a sterling silver chain pattern ring to wear to the office as an outward symbol of the inward chivalry that he never takes off with his garb. Cabochons - Merchant 21

Clean-dry-tunics-chemises CHEAP $20 each. Tunics trimmed CHEAP $20 - Chemises 100% cotton muslin. Bloomers $5 only/Large size-ALL. Treasure Chest (Z10)

The Gypsy Caravan has the largest selection of sterling sliver on site! Crosses, celtic band rings & poison rings galore! Open late every night! #105 Street of Gold

Cuchulain! Hounds & Heroes now on CD. Find it with Morgan Wolfsinger’s other fine tapes and CDs at 213 in the Bazaar behind the barn. Get yours soon!

Woman’s gauntlets like new for large hands. Aircraft alum. sewn in gloves by Mandrake. $200 obo. See Minna Gantz @ SinPit corner of Strand and Sedalia’s to try.

For Sale: 4 bedroom victorian in Butler. $89,900. Contact Ygraine at Darkyard or (313)613-0324

Come see the funniest viking t-shirt at the War! Cloak & Dagger, space 15.

Cheryl’s Salamanders now available in Booth 40. Tomas The Lapidary at the corner of the Street of Dreams and Woad Way.

THE GUILD OF LIMNERS habitantes in platea mercatores vendunt encausto, penna, libri, pigmenti, colorum diversi, rubia, quadone, omnimodes tinctori et instrumenta clericis necessaria.

HENNA - Fresh from Yemen. Siften, stains palms cherry red to blackberry. Fresh paste, essential oils, mylar cones, carrot bags, buy in bulk and save! See Ghazalah at Touch the Earth or www.hennadancer.com

We are alive, well and dry. Come see us. Four Seasons Tentmasters, Space 81, Gold Road.

LADY TUDOR GLITZ! Z 13 Bazaar behind the barn.

Claus’ Recipies for a DIY Pennsic - an evil cookbook from the vile horrible toymaker. Claus of Burzee, #24

For Sale: Pavilion - 15x21 oval marquee. New in 2001. Complete w/poles, ropes, stakes, fins. Excellent condition. Asking $1600 US dollars. Take it home Saturday! We take money order or cert. cashier’s check. See it and make agreement, at Mountain Confederation. Intersection of Brewer’s Road & Howard’s Fenway, ask for Geraine or Nanzydon.

Cheap and ostentatious, catering to the broke since A.S. 14. Cabochons - Merchant 21

Experience the splendors of the souk! A dazzling array of dancewear! Coin and beaded hip sashes! Handmade bedouin clothing...saris and silk veils...Turkish hats and purses...Gobs of jewelry! At Farasha’s Dance Treasures & Starlight Caravan, Market Street by the barn.

Salaam - have your soul stolen (exotic Polaroid photos) w/genies from the far east. Sunday through Tuesday 2-4 PM & 6-9 PM. Wednesday 6-midnight. Thurs-Sat 2-4 PM & 6-9 PM. Middle Eastern set and models (male & female) photographed serving you @ Kolls Authentic Kreations, booth 130 - Can also photograph you on set w/friend.

VEIL-weight silk: 3.5mm & 5mm at Dragon’s Magic #25

ATTENTION WOAD WARRIORS! Feeling blue? I have the real thing! Genuine woad imported from Scotland. $4. Limited supply, buy early. Guild of Limners, #24

Folkwear’s Turkish Dancer Pattern is here! Visit Ursula’s Alcove, 135 Plunder Lane.

Midnite Madness sale. Quality walking staff. Make a reasonable offer on anything. Site 4

16 x 16 pavilion for sale. Asking price, $630. See Eamon w/Darkyard.

The Gypsy Caravan has amazing amber prices: necklaces from $19.95, amber rings from $10. Open late every night! #105 Street of Gold

SILK & LINEN threat & floss - Dragon’s Magic #25

Affordable Largess! Sterling silver Celtic knots and rings and chains from $3 up! When the bard makes you cry, don’t turn his finger green. Cabochons - Merchant 21

The Gypsy Caravan has fifty kinds of pearls & gemstone beads plus all your beading needs - best prices @ the war. Open late every night! #105 Street of Gold

For Sale: 16x21 pavilion - ropes, poles, stakes $850. 7x12 pavilion w/ropes, poles, stakes $300 - Space 165

THE GUILD OF LIMNERS in the little white house on Merchant Row sells ink, quill pens, books, pigments, various colors, madder, woad, all kinds of paint and tools necessary for scribes and artists.

T-shirts $10. S-3X. Hammond Crafts. Bazaar Z 13.

Quality Cotton cheesecloth at Dragon’s Magic #25

Herbal Remedies: All natural cough syrup, teas for hangovers, woman problems, salves for poison ivy, bruises, diaper rash, burns & more! Cabochons #21

10x16 mundane tent - $100. W13 - Ziggy @ House Blackstar

Viking Home Companion and the New Ragnarok and Roll on sale at Malachi’s Mail - Bazaar 1 - Z15 - $15.00

FOR SALE - Prepare for Pennsic 33! 16x18 Panther Marquis package includes: 16x18 marquis, sodcloth on all walls, 10x18 awning, 1302 sunforger w/flame retardant, poles, ropes, stakes; blue braid on straight edge valence; used but in excellent condition. $1500 firm. (complete package is $2500 new) Shipping to be negotiated with buyer. Location: upstate New York. Call (315)331-3788 or fridrikr@rochester.rr.com

BEDOUIN TENT FOR SALE. 24x22 ft. Made of Sunforger marine grade canvas. Stay dry & party like a sultan. Used for 4 Pennsics, like new. $1100. (New $1800.) See it @ Badir Tribal Designs #84, Street of Gold.

Benefit the chirurgeons -- buy an original Pennsic XXXII T-shirt. M-XL $10. 2X $12. 3-4X $15. Available from Claus of Burzee, #24 Merchants Row.

LINEN “cooling veil” (soak n go) - Dragon’s Magic #25

The Gypsy Caravan has expanded! Visit our new garb annex: garb from $12.50, middle eastern tent adornments, fabric to amaze the senses & the best prices on sarongs at the War! #105 Street of Gold

Never been worn - Ladies blue velvet dress w/reversalble black/red inset waist. Sice 35/39 & man’s lg black pirate’s shirt. Cash or barter. Floral striped tent in X02. Ask for Rebecca.

CLOAKS!! At Cloak & Dagger. Stay warm at night. #15


Rumor: Banners have been seen near the swamp displaying a monster crossed by lightning bolts. Who are the followers of such a strange banner?? And are the bolts striking or being wielded by the beast?

Argent Fox Music - Selling fine musical instruments & fencing gloves. We encourage full contact browsing. #34

Josef & Moonwulf - Thanks for keeping us cool & dry! We would not exist this year if it weren’t for your efforts. A toast to your health and happiness! - The PI Staff

Lost: My brain. Please return to PI front desk.

S: Come down here and I’ll poke your eye. I’m wearing “your” precious ring as a Prince Albert. Still want it? - Crazy Einar

If you can’t find Bards’ Haven camp we are at the very end of Winged Wolf Way on Willow Point/E-19. Come and enjoy our bardics now you know where to go.

Thanks to the best trim rolling workers. Katherine - Realm of Regalia, Space #176.

Lost: 1 raccoon. May have already exploded. Also wish for the bread dough. If found, please return to N21, Gilbert’s Grotto; Clan Chattan.

“Reunion”, the first music CD of Richie Monroe (Master Li Kung Lo) will be available in late November! Included are: blues, folk, “The Soldier’s Last Song”, “The Queen of Faerie’s Fee”, “Le Pela Finde”, and “The Woodsman Lay”. Check www.bardwire.com for progress reports.

Skirts hot and sticking? CORDED PETTICOAT !!! Lifts wet skirts and updrafts air for comfort. THE FULL CUP Site #10

To the New Mistress Clare, CONGRATULATIONS from the loons left at home.

A heartfelt thank you to Garth of the Crags for finding my dad. I lost my heart and you gave it back to me. Thank you, Misha.

The tribute longship doth sail again! Memorial shields may be purchased and painted with the arms of your choice at the Camp of the Boatbuilder, by the water’s edge, in Skraeling Althing - W18. Pray, do not leave it til the last minute - by Friday eve, if at all possible.

Lost - one white sheep, if found return to Black Dragons in N13. Lonely without her. Was wearing beads.

Debra J Raab, please stop by Badir Tribal Designs, Street of Gold re: purchase you made last year or eurohaus@earthlink.net after war. Thanks!

Please see Godfather of Hartshorn-Dale for safe return of pink/white flamingos.

Blades cleaned, sharpened, polished, sheaths made. Cloak & Dagger, space #15.

WANTED: A ride for two people and a 12x7 tent and 3 or 4 bags going to Crownsville, MD. Willing to help pay for gas. Contact House Neptune Rising W02.

Help Wanted

Spiritual leader sought. Experience in handfasting for gay union. See Tara or Dvora in E12.

Battlefield Obituaries

Lady knight fought good and true. Side by side with her brave knight husband. Felled by an evil horde of urchins. Ye shall be missed.

Avenge! Avenge! Our King “ieter!” MidRealm rise! Avenge thy King, hit so hard in the Woods his “P” fell off.

Ah, poor William, thou wouldst not have been run through thy backside had thee not run from the battle.

Lord Loinsmiter: You have grievously injured my lord. The alchemist says he can perform a transplant. Your duty is clear. Your blade or mine? - Lady Wince

Meg, you are dead to us! Rest in peace. Love, the Vixens

Aleanora and Denira, I hope you died well. Love K.

Death is back. Seand a deatho’graph to those who you wish. For more details, see Horsa at House Ironwolf.


Couples in love come see our hand-braided wedding and commitment rings. Silver, gold and platinum. Todd Alan fine jewelry. Booth #158 Battle Road across from the Italian Ice.

Josef - Our lives will never be “normal.” Let’s just try for “happy.” I love you & miss you. Kiss the babies and Mom for me. Pennsic is not the same without you, but you are here in so many ways. Love, Your wif, Hierusalem

Congratulations Alexander of Hawkwood for being made a member of Red Company. From your friends and Catriona!

X02 Cait Blue Fuzzy Bunny seeking you. Housemates are going to eject me from camp for loud noise and torn tent. Come to HNR W02, Ask for F.B. aka Jason.

Lord Owain, I love you, Annoney.

Aeval, will you marry me again? This time I really mean it! Love, Wrolf

Tall, rubenesque lady, young 52, w/new knees seeks attainable love. Failing that, an affable gentleman with a good sense of humor to enhance Pennsic experience. Let’s start as friends! Cait, area X-02.

Greetings to Norseland! All our love, from Donnig, Farryn & Leona-Fiona.

Wanted: True Love. Inquire Bronwyn Jordemaine. Bazaar behind the barn.

Are you a Hibbie from Guinevere? Stop by Clann O’Choda for a visit and a cup of mead. Ghrys and Weyland.

Oh, Julian...I am enamoured of you. Your clinging, Fire.

Dietrich, I can hardly believe how time has flown! Happy Anniversary! I can't wait until you get home. Love, Gwyndlyn

Happy first Anniversary to his fastideousnessness and Sweety Bunny Fur.

Welcome to Pennsic. Please get off the phone. Turn off the FRS radio and enjoy the War!

Hic Turk yok mu? Seeking Turkish speakers. See Chelsea, Shire of Heronter, N13

Lord Hubert d'Avignon, your presence is sorely missed at home. For you I would gladly learn the tricky parts of Parson's Farewell. (What is a haye, anyway?) xoxoxo c.

An Evergreen rooted by others toil. The Scriptorium speaks.

Kiriak - I love you and miss you very much. Can't wait to see you and Max. WEAR PANTS!!!!!! Love, etc. - Lauretta

To old Meg & Saint Harold, enjoy your time in retirement. We know where to find you! The kids.

Harley’s mom, thanks for the snuggles. I can’t help falling in love with you. Your Reddfrogg.

Arx Ventus! Two years is too many. Next year for sure! Missing you all. Amanda, Ariel and Katherine

Eras, es, eris mine forever never to part...Beware of the almost full moon, when I shall unleash my passion. A dead-on target to you! Nare to be forgotten, Pigboy

Stranded in Singapore: Willow (Yang Liu) sends her love unto Myrkies, Regnesfolc, Chirurgeons and friends!

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