Pyrrhic Victory for the East-Middle Coalition

By Lord Alaric Messer
Martial Correspondent

War Week has been glorious and rewarding for all the armored fighters who took the field. From the fort beneath Mount Eislinn to the woods beyond, the known world bore witness to a spectacular display of martial prowess from fighters of every color and allegiance. Many stories will be told of this war and in particular the Armored Field Battle.
The final days of the war are oftentimes the most decisive. For the Middle and East Kingdoms, victory was dependent on absolute conquest of the day’s events. To Æthelmearc and her Allies, standing their ground and taking what few points they could manage would secure their success. It was a fated day for anyone to take the field.
The battle was divided into three consecutive engagements, with the singular goal of crushing the opposing force to the last man. With the assembled forces that both armies had mustered on the field, neither side could particularly claim a numerical advantage. For the commanders on both sides, it would be a display of tactical competence and organization to conquer the field.
The first battle was a quick and brutal sweep, as the left flank of the red army crumpled under a heavy blow from the East-Middle army. With the core of Æthelmearc shattered, a tidal wave of purple fighters swept through the rest of the reds. The Allies attempted to stand their ground, but confusion was sown amongst the shocked units, who quickly fell to the Coalition offensive. The East-Middle would take the first War Point of the field battle handily.
Following a brief break, the conflict resumed with the second battle. The forces of Æthelmearc and her Allies drastically changed their battle plans, bringing the bulk of their forces to the downhill end of the battlefield. At the cannon blast, the red army advanced dangerously quickly, their left flank coming into conflict with the East-Middle forces. The bulk of the red mercenaries continued forward, prepared to strike or entangle any force that might threaten the main army.
The situation became grim when the East-Middle forces pin-wheeled around the main red army, encircling them. While the mercenaries took down the reserve forces, including everyone between Blood Guard and Rome, they were scattered by the clash and were messily cleaned up by the strength of the purple army. The second battle deservedly went to the Middle and East, but it was a much closer conflict than could have gone both ways.
The final battle for the heavy fighters was a clash of legendary proportions. The Alliance, having lost twice, came to the conclusion that a third loss was unacceptable. The entire red army gathered in the northwestern corner of the field, massing in a misshapen square formation. As the conflict began, the entire purple army began to march forward. It was clear they had all intention to maneuver and encircle their foes to wipe them out.
The reds did not plan to allow this to happen, and a unit of archers stepped out to badger the oncoming tide of purple. While they were nearly destroyed, they rained death on their foes, and behind their distraction, the Alliance changed formations.
The Tuchux, followed by several other units, separated from the main army, and charged to engage the curling mass of purple fighters, smashing into them in a counter-charge that buckled the East-Middle advance as their northern flank met the Æthelmearc army. While the fighters of the Coalition were fierce and took a large amount of ground, they spread themselves too thin. The red army surged forward in rapid succession, either turning the purple formations or smashing them aside altogether.
Caught between the remaining Tuchux horde and the advancing Æthelmearc forces, the surviving East-Middle line made a general maneuver to fall back from the engagement. They were pursued and as the dust settled from the engagement, the warriors of Æthelmearc and her Allies stood tall and proud. Æthelmearc had denied the East and Middle victory with that final battle.
The Armored Field Battle brought the War Point tally of the East and Middle two points, and Æthelmearc and her Allies one point.

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