Catch 'Em All at Pennsic

Lady Danielle de Lorraine and Drakon from Markland try to catch 'em all
Photo by THL Mary of Montevale

by: Magistra NIcolaa de Bracton

Are you pining for Pokemon? Or perhaps looking for an alternative that keeps the spirit of the game without involving modern technology? Two separate events at Pennsic this year aim to help you scratch that itch. In one, you'll catch all manner of mythological heraldic beasts. In the other, you will meet all kinds of people from across the Society.

Pensimon Go: The Menagerie Quest
Elinor Larke LeDauncer has been attending Pennsic every year since birth. When Pokemon Go! was first released, immediately people began to worry that Pennsic would be overrun with packs of kids and adults out hunting Pokemon. Using the "C" in "Creative Anachronism" this time meant responding to a challenge proposed by Sir Gui Avec Cheval: What could be devised to capture the spirit of the game without involving smartphones? Thus, the birth of Pensimon Go! 
With the assistance of Dame Aoife Finn, Elinor's husband, Leaocgh O Maoldhomhnaigh, and the artwork of Mistress Zaynab Yasmine bint Hasan, a Pensidex has been assembled containing descriptions of various mythological and heraldic beasts that might be spotted in public places at Pennsic. These hints will help in spotting the various Pensimon. "True to the original spirit of Pokemon Go, this scavenger hunt is able to be played as a more passive hunt, " said Elinor. "Walking around places you think might have a Pensimon is a much quicker way to find them than trying to think through every bio and aim for one in particular."
Like its modern counterpart, Pensimon Go! will not only get you active at Pennsic, it may also show you parts of Pennsic you have never seen. "As someone who has found herself walking in a park, during a rainstorm, near the lake because those conditions might make something new appear... It's funny how much of an impact hunting may have on your daily routine and willingness to explore," said Elinor.
Pensimon Go: The Menagerie Quest will run from 9 am Mon morning on August 8 through noon on Wed August 10 and is intended for all ages. 
Supplies are slightly limited (privately funded and free to participate), but sharing is allowed. Participants will collect sightings of magical creatures hidden in public spaces (please leave the critters where you find them). Prizes will be awarded for both over age 12 and under age 12 players. Results will be tallied and the winners announced in the Independent after the contest closes. Come by the offices of the Pennsic Independent Monday morning to pick up your very own Pensidex.

Pennsic Catch Them All
Duchess Mary of Carrigart's challenge has participants hunting people rather than monsters.
"The goal is simple – seek and find people from every stage of progression from every kingdom," Duchess Mary said in a post to the East Kingdom Gazette.  "I have a form to help you keep track and if you bring that form back to the Games Tent by 8/11, you will get a prize for your efforts. Whoever caught the most/’them all’ gets a special prize."
Categories of Pennsic People include Flying Types (siege engineers, axe and knife throwers, and archers of various skill levels), Something I Learned (collecting knowledge in the categories of history, fun, and awesome), Royal and Rare Speciments (Viscounty, Count/ess, Duchy, Court and Landed Baron/ess) In the Classes and Behind the Scenes (artisan, apprentice, Laurel, Helpy Person, protege and Pelican) and On the Fields (fighter, squire, knight, rapier fighter, student of a MoD, and Master of Defense) The challenge is to collect one of each of these from each of the 20 SCA Kingdoms (yes, that is 400 possible people to catch!)
"Truly, the real prize will be the people you meet and the things you learn," said Duchess Mary in her post. Forms can be found at the Games Tent. "And since we are an increasingly digital society if you feel inclined, and, it is not offensive to your ‘catch’ please post pictures with #Pennsiccatchthemall"