Living Pennsic the Flat Way

OG and Trips2.jpg

By Magistra Nicolaa de Bracton
Editor-In-Chief, The Pennsic Independent

Flat SCAdians are making the rounds at Pennsic, attending parties, classes, battles and shopping in the market. What is a Flat SCAdian? Inspired by the Flat Stanley project known by many school children, where Flat Stanley is mailed around the world to have adventures, some SCAdians who cannot be at Pennsic have sent along flat (or somewhat flat) versions of themselves.
When Master Liam St. Liam fell out of bed about a month ago, injured his knee, and suffered complications, he sent along a flat version of himself, who has been spotted all over Pennsic at Runestone Hill, at a Calontir bardic circle (his favourite place at Pennsic), at McGuire’s Maroauders, and even helping Master John set up his rope bed. He’s visited protégés, and will go to the classes he originally planned to teach, which were taken up by other teachers. To get all the places he needs to go, there are two of him!
This is likewise the case with Flat Cateline la Brodesse. Her real model is home with her son, who is undergoing cancer treatment. She’s been shopping, visited a chocolate library, the food court, and a halfla at oChoda.
Flat Cian isn’t really flat—he is a monkey wearing the tabard of the Principal Herald of the Kingdom of Atlantia. He’s been to Heralds’ Point, attended His Majesty of Atlantia, and visited several other encampments. Flat Konstantia (or Flatstantia) from Calontir wasn’t able to make it to the meetup, but she has her own Facebook group and several folks to help her cause interkingdom incidents.
Dearest to the Pennsic Independent is Flat Og. Og the Red is not at Pennsic this year, but his chair still sits proudly in our front office. We are hoping Flat Og can have a few adventures and visit some of the places Og would normally go. If you would like to take Flat Og out on an adventure and are willing to photograph him, please stop by the Pennsic Independent office.