Archery Champions Shoot Results

By Baron Christophe of Grey
Archery Reporter, The Pennsic Independent

This year’s Archery Champions’ Shoot consisted of 10 roving stations, one friend/foe station, and one walk-up station. Archers were divided into groups of Midrealm and allies and East and allies and then further divided into ten groups of four. In each group three archers were on the champions team and one alternate was the fourth shooter. This allowed the alternates to shoot the entire course. The teams did a shotgun start, where each started at one of the ten roving range stations (rather than all starting at the beginning). This eliminated bottlenecks experienced in past years. A highlight for this reporter is that Their Majesties Kenric and Avelina of the East both shot the roving course.
On the roving course the East took eight, the Midrealm took one and one station was a tie. The final tally for the roving station was East 2015 and Midrealm 1780. At the friend/foe timed shoot the East had 72 and Midrealm had 48. At the walk-up clout station, the East had 90 and Midrealm had 96. Thus the final tally was East 2177, Midrealm 1924, with East taking the war point.