Eastern fencers get the point

by Liam St. Liam, Pennsic Independent Battlefield Reporter

Even the Eastern commander was surprised at how quickly and effectively his forces and their allies handled their opponents in Wednesday’s Fencing Melee War Point.

“The Central Region wasn’t supposed to break through like that,” Don Antonio Patriquin said with a smile, nodding at Central Region commander Dona Nataliia Evgenova Svatislovina . “That wasn’t part of the plan.”

Planned or not, the breakthrough was followed by another from the allied Atlantia units. Aethelmearc’s Northern Region Glory Hounds broke through a Midrealm unit commanded by Count Peter van Doorn, and allowed the Southern Region break through the final street, setting the stage for the East’s victory.

“I couldn’t have stopped them if I had wanted to,” said Dona Nataliia, whose unit was backed up by the Northern Region, including Princess Svava. “They were going right through.”

The East won the Fencing Champions’ War Point Monday, and the two sides will meet again for the final fencing War Point in the Woods Battle at 2 this afternoon.

Wednesday’s battle was the first mass fencing melee of its kind, and the East went into it with a 150-105 advantage in number of fighters. The field was set up as a town battle with four streets and a single avenue running through them, but it quickly turned into a bridge battle because of the speed of the Eastern advance.

Don Antonio said advance planning was the key for his army. “The command staff communicated with each other for the last month and worked as a unit . We made it clear that this was a battle, not an individual fight. The units worked well together, and we have Princess Svava out there, and she’s an inspiration to fencers from the East to everywhere.”

King Felix of the Midrealm also fought and addressed the fencers both before and after the battle, urging them to respect each other and be friends afterwards. Warder Maximilian von Zauberer was the Middle Kingdom commander.

Prince Rurik of Aethlemearc was part of his kingdom’s Northern unit, which was commanded by Duchess Dorinda and included Duke Morgan and Duke Yngvar. Aethelmearc’s Southern Watch followed the Glory Hounds across the field.

The Midrealm side was down to one fighter, Don Robert McFarland of Ansteorra, and he was granted single combat and killed by Duke Ragnar Blackhammer of Atlantia.

After the War Point, the East and Middle combined to defeat the rest of the participating kingdoms in a second battle, and the Allies won the third battle, which included rubber-band guns.

Dona Marion of Oaken Glen was still bouncing after the battle and spoke for many of the Easterners and their allies. “I am still on an adrenaline high,” she said. “The fact that everybody came together was great. We had a good battle plan. People knew what they had to do and did it.”

Photo by Master Liam St. Liam: The Fencing Melee war point.


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