Period Shoot Results

By Baron Christophe of Grey
Archery Reporter, The Pennsic Independent

Wednesday afternoon, following the Champions’ Shoot, the fourth Annual Period Shoot was held on the archery range. Ten archers participated. Within the SCA there is a movement to be more period accurate within the archery community, and this shoot is in support of that movement. It was originated by Naran Numuchi of the Great Dark Horde and had specific requirements for equipment and supporting kit for participation (see previous article concerning this shoot).
The shoot consisted of period-accurate targets including a flight shoot in which the archer who was able to shoot an arrow the farthest won. A favorite target of this reporter is shooting out the center of a target of concentric rings. Blunted arrows are required for this shot.
Archers competed in three classes with the winners as follows: Longbow Mykeal Hafdan of Meridies; crossbow Laird Wulfric Grembeald of Æthelmearc; horsebow (static-eared recurve) Naran Numuchi of the Great Dark Horde and Atlantia. Special thanks goes out to Greybarr Archery, Viking Archery Supply, Elkridge Archery, and Horsebows archery for their support. Please make a point of dropping by and thanking these merchants for their support.
Scheduling was a bit of an issue this year. Many archers who would have participated in this shoot were somewhat “fried” after participating in the Champions’ shoot earlier in the day or had court obligations Wednesday evening. Taking this into consideration, the Period Shoot may be moved to Friday of peace week next year. Stay tuned for details as next year approaches.