Mother Nature Scatters the Forces

by DonalBane of Blakmers

After 22 War Points: Eastern Tygers 14, Midrealm Dragons 2 — Mother Nature 6!

The combined forces of the Midrealm and East ran headlong into an enemy that neither force could master: a furious midday storm on Thursday.

Despite a driving rain throughout the morning, a good numbers of Midrealm and East forces assembled Thursday for the Mountain Pass battle. The two sides were to contest three banners in two one-hour battles.

However, during a hold about 25 minutes into the first battle, a lightning bolt struck close to the field, forcing the marshals to order the battlefield cleared. While the two forces were prepared to wait out the storm, two more lightning bolts struck too close to the camp and the marshals ordered all fighters to leave the battlefield immediately. The storm forced the battlefield to be closed for several hours Thursday.

Friday’s featured melee: The fort battle – 11 a.m., one point.

The grand finale for rattan fighters happens at the fort. This year, the attacking force will have a single causeway from which to assault the fort. Both sides will be give a chance to attack and defend the fort, with the side that holds out longer taking the war point.

What to look for: Assaulting the fort through the main gate can be defined simply: suicide. Look for both sides to use creative ways to penetrate the forts massive defenses.


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