Unclassifieds 8-10-11

50 year Tapestry is Here! Come take the tour between noon and 7pm behind merchant space 4 on the path to the Ampitheater. Open until Friday special times by appointment for dept heads and Royals.

For Sale
We’ve Moved! Come see us at #93 Street of Gold. The Treasury - Authenticity is our thing!
Looking for Spotted Pony Traders’ Deer and Elk Leather? We have it at the Little Dragons Hoard; space #119
Bad Garb Bingo! Have fun as you mock your fellow SCAdians. Only $5.00 from Claus the Toymaker #26.
The Crossing (space 48) has horse tails. Visit to learn more.
BAD GARB I and BAD GARB II - Now AVAILABLE from Claus the Toymaker - How do you know you are not in them unless you read them?
Large Bison Hide available at The Crossing (space 48)
Claus’ guide on “How Not to Get a Laurel”- Audacious and naughty - the truth is hard and very funny. See Claus the Toymaker #26 across from the Barn.
Have the tent to have a complete Pennsic Experience 18’x24’ Panther new canvas, only complete. Available at The Crossing, space 48
Bad garb, bad garb, what’cha gonna do? What’cha gonna do when the punchline’s you! - Claus the Toymaker
Fly into the sky with a 8’x8’ 3 sides blue trim fly at The Crossing (space 48)
Bad Garb Old Maid Game - Yes we have ‘em! - from Claus the Toymaker (who else?)
Snoods plain to amazing-custom too! Lady Guen #121
Good Gentles...How much have you spent on your armor? How much have you spent on your garb? How much have you spent on your children? This has been a public service announcement from Claus of Burzee, Toymaker
Hurry to Claus the Toymaker for your leper - Supplies have been limited since a carpenter from Galilee passed through.
Beat the Heat in cool, comfy 100% cotton tunics, Kitons, Angel-wing dresses, and cloaks in Knotwork and Middle Eastern Patterns. Kurta available in all sizes. We also have jewelry, doll clothes, bears and other pretties for anyone on your shopping list. Costumes by Loren 166 Fleet Street
New 12’ Yurt for sale $2500 OBO. High quality and built to last. Easy set up in less than 45 min. See Pente E18, Infinity. Come learn about Yurts!
Coleman 13.5’x9’ tent $75; twin air mattress $20; XL twin foam mattress $10. See Katherin at Newbridge in N08.
Hand-forged Knives by Forged in Fire Champ Chris Farrell-perfect gift for those missing Pennsic! #153
Aglets and boning and lacing rings- Lady Guen #121
Fairy Tale Fans! Claus the Toymaker has two new Adventure books about magic and especially Oz! Check them out!
Wooden Puzzles that last from child to child. Can be personalized no extra charge. Claus the Toymaker
Fresh henna paste to take home. Booth 37 Paisley Peacock
Map of the Knowne World puzzles-$20. From Claus the Toymaker
Fun scruillous books - some that have been out of print for years. Guaranteed to make you smile - Claus the Toymaker
Kettle BlackArts and Handmade Leather goods. Available on Etsy, Facebook and YouTube. See the purple haired couple. Ask for a free hug.
Best henna crop in years just in at space 37. Powder and paste for sale. Creamy, dark, lasting color!
Shelterlogic 10’x20’ walls NIB $75 E-18 617-230-4781
129 Stainless Steel Arms, Legs, and Chest for sale. $1200 or best offer. Small sized trades welcome. Items displayed at Greybar Traditional Archery 091
16’x16’ Center pole square marquee tent slant walls. Used but in good shape. Canvas, poles, ropes, stakes $500 Good Friends Camp N01 Heidi
20’x20’ Vinyl Sunshade with tube steel center pole and 8 side poles. No pegs or ropes. $200 519-577-7881
Well kept 14’x14’ Pavilion avail @ end of war. Including stuff listed FB Yardsale. Text 678-350-3428 to view.
GOING HOME SALE AT THE CROSSING! Reasonable offers accepted, find us at space 48.
Aromor-gaunts $150 nearly new. Wolfshead spun helm $150 OBO. Combat ready shield $150 OBO. Sz 42 arming cote $100 OBO. Call 856-981-0992 ask for Cait in N20.
Ashford spinning wheel for sale. Beautiful condition. Many extra’s. $250 or reasonable offers considered. Text or call 814-572-5722. Thank you.
Tentsmiths Regent 20’x20’ for sale. Includes poles. Only used at Pennsic. Inquire at Good Friends Camp N02. $1400.00
Viking Wedge tent for sale 15’x19’. Used 6 times $600 OBO includes frame and ground cloth. Haul away at end of War. Ask for Tath at Talbots Keep. (B07)
Calontir Trim can now run custom trims with a 500m minimum order. All the cool Baronies and households are doing it. Stop by space 50 for details.
Beware! Someone or some THING has a taste for killing! ‘The Mermaid and the Monster’; Volume III of the Edward the Red Mage Mysteries, now available at The Amber Lady, #29, Street of Dreams. Original fantasy by SCAdian author Angela P. Wade. Volumes I and II also in stock!
15’x21’ Tentmasters tent, 7’ walls, canvas & poles, fair serviceable condition, pick up 12 Aug, $500 offers, see at Nightshade Leather #204
Panther 18’x24’ new at Pennsic Canvas only or complete. Very reasonable. Site 48 or 724-421-5394
Going out of business sale. Prices very reasonable. Site 48 or 724-421-5394.
$10 T-shirt Sale!! Pennsic46 T-Shirts booth 90. Credit cards accepted. S to 4XL while they last!
Full sized rope bed, tote weight. $150/OBO. Camp Mority E09. See Marellus or Gate Guards. No mattress.
Used 12ft round by Midwest Tents. Poles, stakes and ropes included. $600. See Bambi at Pennsic Independent.
10’x16’ Marquis Tentsmith, Roof Fly, Roof Ventilation, dagging, mud flaps, sunforged canvas. Includes poles, ropes, wall hook, stakes. S.O.R.D. B08 call 203-494-9569 $800.
12’x12’ Tentmaster Tent for Sale. With Painted Finials and groung tarp. Please Touch Pottery $750. Lars.
TRAILER TIRES FOR SALE! Two brand new 4-lug tires and a spare rim. I bought a bigger trailer, so best reasonable offer please. Call 570-269-9944 Paid over $100 Located in E19.

Scruffy old walrus requests flirtatious ladies for ego boost. There’s mead. Culann,Bards Haven,E19
SCA Music to keep your Pennsic going all year long. Efenwealt Wystle, Heather Dale, Ken Theriot, Music-a, Subtaranea, Wolgemut and many other fine performers. Camelot Treasures Booth 30 Bards R Us.
Hoobah Foscadh for fighting in all 46 Pennsic Wars.
CONGRATULATIONS TO GUILD MIRANDOLA! Winner of the Pennsic 46 Merchant Appreciation Award! You Rock!
We would like to thank everyone for the support over the years at Pennsic. We will miss everyone. See you at Pennsic 50th!

Help Wanted
KWP needs the services of a Notary. If you have your stamp and are willing, please contact Jayme at 717-649-1823.
Lou’s toenails won’t clip themselves. Assistance required. Please inquire with House Three Skulls W07. Compensation will be provided for services and hazardous material exposure.
Breakdown Help Needed Fri 5pm on, Sat 9 am. Great Pay, food & drinks, mediaeval Miscellanea, Space #28

RIP Michael Kelly 1976-2017 You will be missed.
Dear Rhastagir: We will always love and miss you. Thirty years on earth, forever in our hearts. Argent Company

One Magical silver apple for sale! Find Seamus the Tinker.
Jessica King, FuegoLibre, Lady Calpuleh of Renaissance and Fenix Freehold
A messenger appears at the EarthRunes Rath. No haste, no concealment; he wears blue and silver with quiet pride. He delivers a sealed envelope, and then takes himself away again with dignity.
News from Ulster’s County Fair! 4-H Highlights include Lacemaking: 1st place - Zara Schwartz, 2nd place - Joesphine Williams, 3rd place - Patricia Koenig.
OG sends his love and best wishes to all! He hopes to be here in person next year. Drink more beer!!! Love OG
Ottmar of Calontir: Despite what you Landsknect Hts may have heard your clothing donation is not required (and your fancy blouse does not fit either of us). You may retrieve it at your leisure - Ciana In Northshield

Wanted to Buy
WANTED: TRAILER OR DRY STORAGE SPACE for Booth #9. See Kenneth the Glass Master. Text 9609-682-0456
BIG hugs and kisses to the entire staff of the Pennsic Independent. Urchins, we love you all so much! The paper you are reading would not be here without many, many hours of tireless work. If you see someone wearing a PI favor (purple with a gold eagle and The Pennsic Independent stamped on it) please show them your appreciation.
Be good to the small band of Urchins left to deliver your papers today. They are all working double routes for a longer time, but have fewer papers to sell. Get yours quick!!!