Lightning Strikes Great Middle Highway

by the Pennsic Independent Editorial Staff

K3SCA, the amateur radio association which has provided weather forecasting services at Pennsic for the last eight years through their radio link with the National Weather Service, knew that yesterday’s storm was going to be a big one, and a whopper it was.

At about noon a sizeable static spike, a branch off of a main lightning strike, came down approximately 15 to 20 feet away from Duke Talymar’s Gate near the Spotted Pony and across the street from the Midrealm Royal encampment. A second strike hit the Barn while the Chirurgeons’ Auction was going on. The lightning struck and melted some electrical wiring. The blast then went into a nearby tree causing some scorching as well as blowing leaves all over several pavilions, particularly the one belonging to Charles Oakley, Seneschal of the Midrealm.

Although yesterday’s storm was not related to the dual hurricanes that recently hit Trimaris, it is a significant system running from the Calontir-Midrealm border all the way to the Atlantian coast.

Some gentles, including Pennsic Independent reporter Tatiana, felt mild effects from the lightning strike at the barn. HRM Cainnleach of the Outlands also experienced static sparks from her fingertips. Many of these gentles sought treatment at Chirurgeon’s Point. Jean-Paul Pierrepont and Flaxy, the radio operators from K3SCA, stated that if this had been the main strike instead of a less powerful static spike, the damage could have been extensive. Thanks to the nature of this type of strike there were no serious injuries.

Photo: Thursday's lightning strike showered leaves on a pavilion.


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