The Chivalrous Collide

Photo by Seᾴn Sreamach
Lord Hugo von Guthenbach (Atlantia) charging with the flag during the Allied Battle

By Uilleam of Clan Friseal
Battlefield Reporter, PI
As I approached the field of battle the sun was already baking spectators and fighters alike. Water bearers were hard at work preparing gallons of water to be given to all on the field. Unbelts of the Middle and of the East Kingdoms gathered to plan for the battle. A 30-second warning was given and the Eastern forces formed a line while the Middle remained huddled until the final moments. When the battle began, the Middle Kingdom’s Unbelts approached the Eastern line slowly until they unleashed their assault on the East. The Eastern line held strong and proved to be a tough match for the Middle as the last fighter fell quickly, giving the War Point to The East. Following the battle all fighters formed a different kind of line. They embraced and complimented their opponents skills in combat.
The Belted Champions were next to take the field, with those of the East taking longer to form ranks. The waiting seemed to have paid off as the Knights of the East took the Middle’s charge in stride and effectively reduced the numbers of their foes as quickly as possible, giving that War Point to the East. After the last fighters were down, they also formed lines to embrace and congratulate the victors and the victorious dead.
The field was made smaller for the Battle of the Allied Champions. Canon fire signaled the beginning of the battle, but it was almost drowned by the sound of the two armies colliding. Due to the smaller battlefield, each force was able to hold its line for much longer. Eventually a Fighter of the Middle broke through and nearly took the flag, but was struck down and a hold was called to reset the flag. Lines were reformed and quickly met in the middle of the battlefield. The East pushed hard against the Middle forces until they eventually divided the lines into two groups on opposite sides of the field, one of which was right next to the Midrealm’s flag. A runner from the East Kingdom took a chance and managed to capture the first flag. Midrealm took this seriously, and as the next round took much longer for the lines of either kingdom to break. The East called for reinforcements , tipping the scale in their favor when another quick fighter from captured the Middle Kingdom’s Flag. Again the armies of the Middle Kingdom came back at their foes harder, holding them back for several rounds of attacks. A Midrealm runner swiftly captured the Eastern flag. The armies met strongly in the middle of the field and held each other at bay for ages, until Eastern reinforcements pushed a weakening link in their enemy’s line and once again sent in a fast-moving fighter to capture the Middle Kingdom’s flag giving the War Point to The East.