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Appreciate Merchants-Vote for your favorite at Feet of Clay, Cabochon’s, Guild Mirandola, Potters Hall 160, Raymonds’ Quiet Press, Egil’s Woodstuffs, Dragonscale Fine Arts, and Lady Guendalina’s Closet.



Bards Haven is open for business! Celtic Bardic on Tuesday! Feast! Gifts! Fun! Oh yeah, Bards too.


Daily 12 Step Meetings 4pm E07 AA NA OA ALANON All Welcome @ Denys the Decadents camp.


Did the music happen if there were no ears to hear it? Silver Oak Open Bardic. Come one, come all for a night of incredible music, stories, food, drink, and friends (old and new)! Sing, play, or just listen. Tue of War Week starting when the sun goes down. Location is W5 at bottom of Runestone Hill across from the park. First camp on the left on the way down or last on the right if you’re headed uphill. Gold and white tents on the deck. Follow your ears!


Mensa Members join us for games and conversation in the Games Tent at Pennsic University Fri. 8-2 from 7-9 pm.


For Sale

10 x 30 wedding, carport. Still in box. 4 walls w/windows. Metal frame. White colour. $250 or best offer. Contact Bambi, mornings @ Pennsic Independent


16 X 18 Panther Marquee $800. Excellent condition. W/poles, ropes, and stakes. Contact Roz in Camp Wild Rose E-24

Chain mail haubert & coat of plates, books, toys, fabrics, trim & much more. Mediaeval Misc., space 28


Hand wash sink self-reservoir, free standing. Still in box. $60 OBO. Contact Bambi, mornings @ Pennsic Independent


Horse racing for war points? Adults/children? I have 22 hobby horses, & 4 unicorn for the refs. I also have prizes for all participating children! Will any Kingdom sponsor this? Mediaeval Misc., space #28


Kids garb. Neverland Designs #121 Plunder Lane


Knives sharpened, polished, repaired. Sheaths made on site. Sharp Pointy Things, #13


Linen Viking aprons $66 brooches $25 pair. Neverland Designs #121 Plunder Lane


Naked men & women available at Medieaval Misc., space 28 (garb sells faster displayed on a manniquinn).


Pre-estate sale, 2 costuming Laurels: fabrics, furs, leathers, trims, notions, garb & more. Space #28


Sharp Pointy Things, #13, has cloaks. Wool, Linen, colors, crudaders.


Tent emergency? We have supplies, & also tents to rent on site. Rent rebates towards purchase of a period pavilion. Mediaeval Miscellanea, Space #28.


Tent company for sale or license (rentals only, or manufacturing/sales/rentals). Period Pavilion- 37year track record! Mediaeval Miscellanea, space 28


Wide brim straw hats $6. Neverland Designs #121 Plunder Lane


War game miniatures of knights & warriors mostly 25 mm, some 20 mm @ Cabochons $2 per man or horse



Rodney The Rusty, Bjarni Volundarson 1949 – 2019. Award of Arms, Companion of Dragon’s Heart



Cinnibar is hoping many of you find a little bit of extra Pennsic Magic in the form of one of his chainmaille pendants. Hunt him down at war and let him know if you find something!



Team of 2-3 people for 10 days to man our merch tent next year at Pennsic 2020. Incl setup, sales, teardown. Flat fee + commission. Contact Marcela #36


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