Og on Alcohol

Roundest Knight


Who was the roundest knight?

That would be Sir Cumference!

I think I read that on a gum wrapper when I was six.

But what about the knight who never won a battle?

Sir Render.

The Knight who showed up unexpected?

Sir Prise!

Undercover Knight?

Sir Veillance.

Who danced well?

Sir Prance-a-lot.

Loudest Knight?

Sir Roundsound.

Foul mouthed Knight?

Sir Cussss.

I respect our Knights, they worked for that white belt (they did not get it from a box of Crackerjack). Being chivalrous is part of being a Knight, but it should be part of all of us in the SCA.


Lords & Ladies,

Charge you glasses and raise them high!

                                             To our Nobel Knights!

                                             Thank You and Fight Well!

 Drink well,

        Drink Often,

                  Drink with