Strange Brew

“A rose by any other name would still smell as sweet”

Wise words, so why do we name our beer “XXXX!”

My first taste of a SCA home brew was a Diaper pail ale, I enjoyed it!

Since then I never turned down a beer no matter what the name. I remember SLUDGE, Rat Piss, Garlic Beer, Pizza Beer, AMCE Potato Beer, Sess Pool IPA (By the porta toilet brewing company), Grass clippings IPA, Steak and Potato Porter (Very Good!), Rocky Mountain Oyster, Stout Serum of Ipecac Double IPA (That I would fear). The best of late is a Double Chocolate Cherry Porter, Very Nice! I cannot drink as I used to some drug conflicts, but I still and will always take a drink. I AM the OG.

Lords and Ladies

 Charge you glasses and raise them high!

To the next beer on the bar


Drink well,

        Drink Often,

                  Drink with     OG