Mom, I’m Bored

by: THL Mary of Montevale

Would you like to sing or appear on stage in a play? There are a number of ways this can happen at Pennsic. They all involve attending rehearsals nearly every day with the performance coming on one of the last couple days of the War next week.

The Pennsic Youth Choir is open to youth ages 12 - 19 who enjoy learning and singing period vocal music a cappella. Rehearsals begin today, 12-1 pm in the Performing Arts Rehearsal Tent, and then every day at the same time and place until Wednesday. Thursday there is a dress rehearsal at 2 pm for your Performance as part of the Known World Choirs Concert that evening.

The Pennsic Children's Choir is open to all children up to age 13 who love to sing. Rehearsals start tomorrow at 1 pm at the Performing Arts Rehearsal Tent. A parent must accompany all children 12 and under. Rehearsals continue through Wednesday and the performance is Thursday evening. Get all the details at rehearsals.

For some quick on-stage fun and games, Drama Rocks! Theater Games for ages 6-12 is in the Amphitheater at 11 am, with Oh the Drama of It All! Theater Games for ages 13-19 there at 3 pm

Youth Theatre is a chance for kids ages 5-12 interested in exploring their creative and theatrical sides through storytelling, acting, and producing their very own play. Daily Sun-Thu in the Amphitheatre at 10am, A parent or guardian must be present.

At Commedia dell’Arte for Youth (ages 13-17) you will learn the art of commedia dell'arte

while practicing and creating skits that will be performed at the end of the week. In the Amphitheater at 9 am each day, Sun-Thu.

New this year at Family Point, the Family Lounge is small, gated, and shaded space where caregivers of babies (0-2 years) gather and allow their little ones to play safely while taking a break or watching an older sibling play. It is located between the two tents at the family point space at the playground. Today there will be a Toddler playgroup in the Lounge from 3-4:30 pm.

Activities for ages 3-9 are in Family Point Tent 1. Starting at 10 this morning, and lasting for two hours, Make Monsters from modeling clay. After lunch, make and take a Fabric Game Board, 1-2 pm. Or try Basic Embroidery for Children, 2-3 pm, which is followed by Constellations and Crafts, 3-4 pm, where you can learn the constellations by hearing their legends and recreating their patterns in crafts.

Shout out to Mom or Dad: There is also a “Night Sky Over Pennsic” stargazing class this evening (weather permitting) at 8 pm in the square at University Point. Bring chairs or blankets if you need them. There will be a small telescope available for viewing. If you brought a pair of binoculars to Pennsic, those can be of use too.

At Youth University (ages 9-14) in Family Point Tent 2 today you will find: 10am Embossing Metal, a Simplified Kind of Repoussé (2 hours, material fee $1, limit 12); 12 pm Heraldic Paper Dolls: Animal Attitude (material fee: $5, limit 10); 1pm Bling Out Your Veils (2 hours, supplies provided, handout $1, Materials $5, limit 10); and 3 pm Create a Medieval/Mythological "Pokemon" Game.

Teen U classes are in AS 6 in the regular Pennsic University area. New Medieval Stories is at 2 pm, followed at 3 pm by Game On! Medieval Board Games, and wrapping up with Basic Embroidery for Teens and 'Tweens, 4-6 pm.

In the back part of the site booklet, there are classes listed by subject. If you’re in high school and have a favorite class, you could try checking by subjects like History, Maritime, or Sciences. Crafts and Fiber Arts also have some interesting classes for those of you who like to work with your hands.

There is a Teen Hafla at the Family Point Teen Lounge, 7:30-10:30 pm. Gentles 13-20 are invited to attend. Do you know what a Hafla is? [Hint: Ask someone at the Middle Eastern Dance Tent next to the newspaper office.]

The evening is going to be a pretty busy time. In the hour or go before 6 pm, you are going to find that some of the main Pennsic roads are filling up with kingdom and household groups in their best most colorful garb who will be making a procession with music, song, banners, and flags out to the battlefield in front of the Fort for Opening Ceremonies. If it is raining, the ceremonies will be in the Great Hall instead.

If someone in your family does Thrown Weapons, you might like to watch the Night Time Throwing which begins at the Range at 8:30 pm. It often runs well past the 11 pm curfew time so be prepared to leave in time to get back to camp or be with a parent.

Early tomorrow morning:

9 am   AS 13    How to French Braid Your Own Hair

9 am   Dance Tent   Beginner Dance for Families

10 am   AS 6    Mommy (or Daddy) and Me: Hair Braiding