Banners Call

With the breaking of the war arrow, the War begins.

Photo by Sean Sreamach


Clear skies and gentle breezes set the stage for the opening ceremonies under Mt. Eislinn in front of the iconic fort.  Crowns and kingdoms put on their best and processed in under marshal drums and banners waving.  Each Kingdom heralded in their Crown and returned to the growing numbers at the base of the fort to eagerly await the words of the Monarchs to declare sides. 

Tensions rise as words conflict. Heated phrases wander across the fort and swords are drawn.  King Edmund of the Middle claims Æthelmearc lands as their lands.  King Ozurr of the East declares that the lands are the Easts.  Blood raises as fists shake in anger.  The arrow sits in their hands and King Edmund, Queen Kateryn, King Ozurr and Queen Fortuna all fight for the arrow and it snaps.  King Ozurr cries for the War Horn to be given to him so the Darkyard household marches up with the War Horn and presents the Horn to King Ozurr.

Peace negotiations clearly failed once again and there is War on the horizon.  In spite of the last minute attempts by the peace protestors to prevent the conflicts between the crowns armies and Crowns assembled to declare their intentions.                                                                                                                                  

Earlier in the day the Crowns met to discuss final arrangement and numbers.  But the public procession and open declaration is a spectacle for all of the populace to behold.  One by one each of the Crowns declared for the Dragon or the Tiger.  In some cases, the Crowns and Kahn of the Great Dark Horde declared for another Kingdom, who allied themselves with the Dragon or Tiger.  When all was said and done, the spectacle gave way to cheers, fan fair and trumpets blare as the Great War horn was sounded, and the contests begin in the annual war without enemies.  


Joining the Midrealm this year will be Trimaris, Northshield, Outlands, Calontir, Meridies, Æthelmearc, Caid, Atenveldt and the Great Dark Horde declaring for Atlantia who will join the Dragon.  Rising to the Tiger’s banner in the East is Ealdormere, Avacal, Ansteorra, Drachenwald, Lochac and the West. 


The Great Dark Horde assisted in the fight against the heat with supplying good old-fashioned snow cones.  They went through three blocks of ice, in the ferocious war against heat that we have all been fighting. When talking to a representative of the Great Dark Horde they mentioned that they had a message.

“To those who enjoyed a snow cone at opening ceremonies, the antidote is available at Horde Hill.


Great Dark Horde.”


Willow Audinardottir, 4, of the Middle giving a peace flower to her

Magesty of the Middle Kingdom during opening ceremony protest.

Photo by Sean Sreamach