Vikings were basically hunter-gathers. They raised crops and had live stock.

If the monks were sharing eggs, they had eggs. If the village was cooking a pig, Vikings had pork.

 Vikings had a simple diet

Elk, Deer, Seal, Walrus, Shark, Horsemeat, all kinds of fish, whatever game they could get.

Lute fisk- Dried cod is soaked in lye, then rinsed in clean water twice. I have had it at a couple of feasts (I said had it, not that I liked it).  It came out like fish jell-o and it still tasted like lye.

Horsemeat was stored in barrels full of milk whey.

Blothmor – blood pudding.

Hrutspungar – Rams testicles, cured in lactic acid.

Svith – boiled whole sheep’s head complete with eyes and tongue. (I’d be willing to try it, once.)

Klippfisk – Dried salted Cod. A good bar snack!

Hakarl – Pressed dried shark, pressed to remove toxins (Basking sharks are toxic due to the high Urea content). And it is said to be the worst tasting food so far.

So Lords & Ladies,

Charge you glasses and raise them high!

To our cooks, be it a champion or B&B, we should at least be willing to try (do) the dishes.

We thank you for caring for us so well.

Enjoy war, let someone cook for you.


Drink well,

        Drink Often,

                  Drink with     OG