Champions Battles

by Duchess Elina of Beckenham

Battlefield Reporter, PI


The first of the Champion’s Battles started with the best of the unbelts from the Midrealm and East. The East employed sound tactics, and kept together admirably, but the Midrealm teams used that to their advantage by using smaller numbers to pull off larger Eastern teams and keep them from engaging. This offered the opportunity for the majority of the Midrealm team to concentrate on a smaller number. Often the first team to regroup wins, and this was no exception. The Midream regrouped and once again applied larger numbers to the now scattered Eastern teams. The result was a resounding victory on the Midrealm side, and the first of the war points awarded to the Midrealm, delivered on the swords of the unbelts.
Alternates then took the field in a much more conventional static line when they met. A hold to verify engagement left an opportunity to clear the dead and allow supporting units to once again engage the fight in the middle of the line. Victory went to the East, though this fight offered no war point.
Her Majesty of the Midrealm solemnly strolled to the edge of the field, burdened by the Chains of her Belted Champions that she traditionally holds as a symbol of their honor in this battle. As the King of the Middle called lay-on, the teams ran to engage in one of the traditionally hardest fought battles of the war. In a hard-hitting fight that lasted no more than a minute, the teams quickly broke into small engagements of one or two fighting as the one on one experts they are. Again, regrouping to apply superior numbers to smaller numbers took the day and delivered the victory to the Midrealm with more than a half dozen left standing as the last Eastern Champion fell.
The Allied Champions battle came next with 100 heroes from each side. Only 75 could take the field at a time, with the objective of overwhelming and taking a single banner from the center of the field to the edge to claim a point for the battle. Although there were 25 in reserve, when the reserves were depleted, the Crowns decided to finish the battle with a last warrior standing. The end of the battle saw seven points for the Middle, and two for the East. Point: Midrealm.
Next on the agenda, the East fought the Middle in a mass Rapier melee with 10 of the best the Kingdoms could offer on each side. The battle quickly broke down to one-on-one fights, the battle hinged on who could dispatch their opponent the fastest, allowing the victor to team up with others. The Middle won a narrow victory, leaving only two combatants on the field when the last Eastern Champion fell. Next, the Allies took the field with another 10-on-10 engagement. This time the lines separated as the East pulled one edge of the line to the side of the field, opening a gap one intrepid Ally for the Middle exploited by breaking through to the backfield, disrupting the battle plans of the East. The last of the three battles combined both the Allies and principles to a combined 20-on-20 fight. This one was characterized by greater communication, a swirling battlefield, and a decisive Eastern victory. As two of the three melee points went to the Middle, so did the war point. Not to be left out of the fighting, the alternates took the field for a quick and hard-fought engagement that the Middle won.
The Heroic Champion battle was mixed; with armored and rapier alternating bouts. 15 Rapier and 19 Armored matched opponents to test the best of the best in one-on-one combat. Principle Princes fought each other. Queen’s Champions paired off, and notables from all Kingdoms matched skills against their counterparts across the Known World. In the end the East and Allies took the Rapier field nine to six and the Armored 11 to eight gaining two points.
As if that were not enough excitement for the day, the evening hours saw the hilarity of “Helga Ball”, a spirited take on martial prowess and the Battle of the 30, a more formally period fight requiring ransome and pageantry.