Whisky and Chocolate

A match made in Heaven “Thank you God”.

The first rule in buying whiskey: buy what you like.

Second, don’t buy cheap!

I once was so stupid - well more than once- I bought half of a $400 bottle “Bar cost” It was so peaty I couldn’t finish the dram.

Buy what you like; you have good taste, Drink Well!

Luckily, Chocolate has the same rule.

 You have good taste so do not be cheap; your friends will thank you.


With super strong “Peaty” Whiskey – Sharp Dark Chocolate.


 Delicate Gentle Complex Whisky- Simple Sweet Dark Chocolate, even White.


Whisky with an Orange Peal or Touch of Cheery Endnotes- a Chocolate of the same.


Whisky with a fruitcake after taste “Christmas Bottle”- a Hazelnut & Sea salt, it will balance out the sweetness.


Whisky with a Sweet Vanilla note -well with a Sweet Milk Chocolate with Carmel


This also works well with Port, Rum and Champaign.

So, Lords & Ladies,

      Charge your glasses& raise them high!

To the best thing to share with good whiskey –Good Friends-

Drink well,

        Drink Often,

                  Drink with     OG