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To the Youth Fighter, Joshua of Falkonmore - Congratulations for fighting and defeating the Midrealm King!



Daily 12 Step Meetings 4pm E07 AA NA OA ALANON All Welcome @ Denys the Decadents camp.


For Sale


12x20 Home designed canvas pavillon. Includes poles, ropes, stakes. No interior poles. See at Greybarr Traditional Archery, space 92 by West Gate. Available after Pennsic. $450

15' diameter 10oz Sunforger Lavvu with painted door and frame. $500 OBO, see Turlough in Dahlraidia. Saturday pickup. Canvas carry bag included.

16-foot Yurt for sale $2000 OBO. Edmund at Camp Urso E01

16ft diameter hybrid mongolian yurt $500 OBO. E12 Blue Feather, see Kelly or Tyrvi. Saturday pick up.

18x18 Panther Pavilion w/ 10' fly ropes, poles, etc. incl. $1800 USD. N31-Camp T Rusaika (416)871-8987.

18x24 Round End Marquee for sale. Tentsmiths. Roof vent, awning, ropes, poles, stakes incl. $1700 neg. N19 Vair & Ermine. Giacomo or Eleanor

20x30 Dining Tent w/ ropes & poles. No Sides. Used. Needs small bits of love. $350 OBO. E01 (937)204-5204

A nice Pennsic postmark is available at the post card tent. We mail post cards and letters. We have car stickers and car magnets. End of St. of Gold.

Aerial photos of Pennsic 48 are at the post card tent. Looks are free. Prints are $10.00. We have SCA eurostickers, Pennsic car magnets. End St. Gold.

Aglets and buckles and boning, Oh My! Space 121

Blue and white 20'x40' tent. Including walls. $400. Corner of Chandler & Low. Pick up Saturday.

BOGO SALE #208 Silk obis - no kidding. Seek Serenity for Savings!

Chain mail hauberk & coat of plates, books, toys, fabrics, trim & much more. Mediaeval Misc., space 28

Clearance @ Materialis: many things must go! From teaware to clothing. 87 on Street of Gold.

Don't want a whole cone of yarn? We have small balls of thin linen, hemp, wool, & zephyr. Ursula's Alcove, Spot #166

Double Bell Wedge Tent 15x25. All stakes and poles included. Pickup at end of war. Txt (609)276-4381 $500. Located Camp Gendy

Find Master Ark's jewelry at Thorthor's Hammer space 187. Master Ark will be there for Midnight Madness! Come say Hi!

Hand dyed wool yarn in natural dyes in fingering, sport, worsted and bulky weights. Ursulas' Alcove Spot #166.

Hand wash sink self-reservoir, free standing. Still in box. $60 OBO. Contact Bambi, mornings @ Pennsic Independent

Henna paste made fresh on site daily. All natural, fragrant, darkest color! Paisley Peacock space 37

Horse racing for war points? Adults/children? I have 22 hobby horses, & 4 unicorn for the refs on site. I also have prizes for all participating children! Will any Kingdom/Group sponsor this racing this Pennsic or next? Mediaeval Misc., space #28

Kids garb. Neverland Designs #121 Plunder Lane

Knives sharpened, polished, repaired. Sheaths made on site. Sharp Pointy Things, #13

Lady Guen has snoods from simple to extravagent. #122

Like coins? Come trade SCA "coins" or strike some for yourself at Sinclair Jewelry, Merchant spot 35

Linen Viking aprons $66 brooches $25 pair. Neverland Designs #121 Plunder Lane

Lots of cool comfy cotton at Garb by Loren. Tunics, skirts, kaftans, shirts, and more. Cloaks too. Space 166.

MAD! Up to 50% off almost everything! Plus free stuff. Medieaval Miscellanea, space 28.

Medieval Henna Pattern book 3rd edition is out now! New period designs & better info. $10. #37 St. of Dreams

Midnight Madness Special all Pennsic: Ozark Mt Hunter 30-pound long bows discounted from $239 to $219. Greybarr Traditional Archery #92

Midwest Tent, red and white, used once. Round Pavilion 12-foot poles, ropes incl. $550. Text (603)726-1088, Matt

Naked men & women available at Mediaeval Misc., space 28 (garb sells faster displayed on a mannequin).

Need to accessorize? Get ring pins! See all the options at Merchant booths 35, 52, 160, and 161.

Needles & Pins & Thimble Rings! The Treasury #93

New CD by Morgan Wolfsinger - The Road That Winds. Available at Moongate Designs!

Pre-estate sale, 2 costuming Laurels: fabrics, furs, leathers, trims, notions, garb & more. Space #28

Pre-order available: The Bellatrix System-Techniques and Tactics for SCA Armored Combat by Duke Paul of Bellatrix. Go to Thanethousebooks.com/Bellatrix or Amazon.

Ruby Snoods at Lady Guens #121

SCA Nudist, T-shirt booth 72

Sharp Pointy Things, #13, has cloaks. Wool, Linen, colors, crusaders.

Super Magnum 48. 45# draw. Pristine condition. $300. (914)627-9814.

Take down bows with free accessories in poundages 20# - 55#. Prices start at $119. Large selection of custom leather back, hip, and ground quivers. Midnight Madness specials throughout shop. All available at Greybarr Traditional Archery space 92.

Tea and Absinthe tea of the day: Sundew - apricot-mango and floral green tea. Lovely hot or iced. Only at Materialis, 87 on Street of Gold.

Temari books and balls. Paisley Peacock, space 37.

Tent $800 12' Round Canvas Panther. See Miles @Lochac Royal X01 by West Gate

Tent company for sale or license (rentals only, or manufacturing/sales/rentals). 37-year track record; Period Pavilion, Mediaeval Miscellanea, space 28

Tent emergency? We have supplies, & also tents to rent on site. Rent rebates towards purchase of a Period Pavilion. Mediaeval Miscellanea, Space #28.

Totes and a bookshelf full of free things, Space 28

War game miniatures of knights & warriors mostly 25 mm, some 20 mm @ Cabochons $2 per man or horse

Wide brim straw hats $6. Neverland Designs #121 Plunder Lane

Winter is coming. The goose is getting fat. Please to take a look at our fine warm winter hats! Ursula's Alcove 166 Fleet Street.

Wolfram's Wonderous Wares space 132 Plunder Lane. New merchandise daily. Many items on sale. Check out our leather rolls, sterling jewelry, bottles, and feast gear. 2 Wood doors fit for a yurt and poles for a GP large tent. Enquire at our booth.


Lost & Found


Lost: Armor repair kit. Black bag with cold mountain on the side. Small zip inside has auth card. Reward offered.




Bathsheba Delacroix, aka Jeannette Holloman, passed away this year from cancer. Her unfailing smile will be missed by all. The family asks that those who knew her decorate the Viking Ship with dragonflies in her honor.

Hoyse Hedgehog, so long and thanks for all the fish.

The Twenty-First Memorial Ship will sail Thursday, August 8, Thor willing. Paint shields at White Wolf & the Phoenix, 120 Plunder Lane.




Bar at the End of The World.

Cinnibar is hoping many of you find a little bit of extra Pennsic Magic in the form of one of his chainmaille pendants. Hunt him down at war and let him know if you find something!

Due to budget cuts, the Bat Signal has been replaced by Wulf Den's flickering non-flickering candles.

Kind hearted chivalrous heavy fighter looking for a Pennsic romance with an adventerous, witty, strong, independent woman. Love of North Africa, horses, and long silky hair a plus! Ask for William at House Gilchrest. Must be 21+. Block N22.

My love, my everything, Thank you for the Greatest gift of my life - You! May we have another 10+ years of coming "home" to Pennsic! Mooroh Uher Forever! XOXO

Thank you, Barony of Skraeling Althing! I lost my phone. Returning and CHARGING it emboldened my love of the SCA. You saved my Pennsic. Love always, Kara

To the gentles who took our campmate in distress from N12 to EMS, we want to thank you. If you see this, please stop by so we can say thanks in person.




Armstreet is looking for 2-3 strong individuals to help us with striking and packing our merchant booth on Saturday August 10. We will pay CASH or provide a store credit! To discuss stop at our booth #181.

Breakdown help needed - Fri 3pm on, packing $12/hr. Sat 11am on, loading $15/hr. Plus drinks, snacks, & appro. meals. - Mediaeval Miscellanea Space 28

Needle People! Heirloom linen sheets seeks repair of tear by expert hand-darning - can you help? Contact Generica, (215)432-0023 (Bhakail N-11)

Team of 2-3 people for 10 days to man our merch tent next year at Pennsic 2020. Incl setup, sales, teardown. Flat fee + commission.  Contact Marcela #36