My lunch with a Sin Eater

A friend of mine was having a bad day. He had been killed HARD three times and he was thinking about quitting. (He threw his armor and shield in a dumpster).

So, I took him up to the food court. Food, Talk, Relax –I started planning his SCAdian wake- when another guy came up and asked if he could join us. I did not know him, but I am always willing to make a friend.

“I am a Sin Eater, I can help”. He said.

Any diversion could help so quickly we gave it a try.

We put my friends shield and helmet on the table along with what was left of my lunch, half of what was in my mug, and three dollar coins. We were ready!

He lit a candle, said a prayer, he ate my lunch, and finished the drink, and another prayer. He did all this with a polished showmanship and then he picked up the coins, nodded his head and left.

My fighter friend looked at me and SMILED! Then he LAUGHED!

He felt better, so it was well worth the cost!

Now in the Middle Ages the Church did not approve of Sin Eaters.

Only the Church could forgive a sin. Sin eating had a heavy punishment, as did the hiring of a Sin Eaters.

Sin Eaters lived on the fringe of society, often handicapped in some way. They were treated much as they would treat a leper.

Lords & Ladies

     Charge you glasses and raise them high!

My friend did not give up fighting,

I counted this as a good lunch.

Drink well,

        Drink Often,

                  Drink with     OG