The Pennsic War Archery Championships

The Pennsic War Archery Championships were held on the Archery range Tuesday August 6th. This year's shoots were themed after the Chinese Zodiac and were more than challenging for the best of archers. The morning's novelty roving range featured 9 stations, each of them was designed around a different animal sign of the zodiac. There were moving targets, targets that required special team strategies, timed shoots, and shoots that required the utmost accuracy. After completing the roving range, the teams broke for a light lunch. The Champion's lunch was a cornucopia of fruits, veggies, meats, cheeses, and salty snacks, and was provided by Casa de Valdez. The day's competition was completed with the afternoon's final 2 shoots, the timed Friend/Foe, and the walk-up clout shoot. The final tally for the points were as follows: Roving Range: Middle - 958, East - 805, Winner Middle; Timed Friend/Foe: Middle - 30, East - 36, Winner East; Walk-up Clout: Middle - 522, East - 461, Winner Middle. The Middle and Allies being the winner of 2 out of 3 of the days competitions is the overall winner for the war point from the Pennsic War Archery Championships.

East Kingdom Champions Team

Colin Ursell, Captain General of Archers

Kusunoki Yoshimoto, Deputy Captain General of Archers

Julian Ridley, King’s Archery Champion

Aethelthryth Kenricing

Agro Agwesi



Cathain Reiter

Cynric the Dabbler

Denys the Decadent

Dorian of Lewes

Eanraig the Bonesetter

Elian of the Fellswood

Elizabeth Hawkwood

Eoin an Doire

Godric of Hamtun

Jehannine de Flandres

Kieran Bren of Bannockburn

Kirsa Oyutai

Kobayashi Yutaka

Madok Arwe

Meruit Kieransdottir

Mikjall Bogmadr

Nest verch Tangwistel


Otto Gottlieb

Peter the Red

Samuel Peter de Bump

Scott Robinson



Alanna of Skye

Aloysius Sartore

Amere (Annelin Urich)

Douglas Doan

Emma Makilmone


Kira of Carolingia

Magnus Surtsson


Udalrich Schermer


Middle Kingdom Champions Team

Aeddan Ivor - Atlantia

Aelfric the Kestrell - Midrealm

Alfonso de Santo Domingo - Æthelmearc

Bjarki Rikardarson - Æthelmearc

Bubba of Wolfhou - Midrealm

Cirion the Lefthanded - Midrealm

David of Steirbach - Atlantia

Duncan MacCoulagb - Æthelmearc

Dungan MacRogan - Midrealm

Eoin Rengarth - Midrealm

Ghijskijn - Atlantia

Gregge the Archer - Atlantia

Greybarr - Midrealm

Grimm - Atlantia

Gwyneth Cole - Midrealm

Lewin de Parton - Atlantia

Mairin ONaillain - Æthelmearc

Marc Rengarth - Midrealm

Miles de Locwode - Atlantia

Miruska Lyubomyr - Æthelmearc

Muldonny McVriw - Midrealm

Ronan MacImair - Atlantia

Ru Cavonst - Æthelmearc

Seamus McRay - Atlantia

Styrkarr Eiriksson - Midrealm

Tarquin the Red - Midrealm

Trevor Milliner - Midrealm

Treya Min Teanga - Atlantia

Woody of Gwyntarian - Midrealm

Yaacov Ben haRav Eliezer - Midrealm



Astridr Styrkarrkona - Midrealm

Cadfan of Cleftlands - Midrealm

Celestria Alexandre - Atlantia

Dafydd Myddleton - Midrealm

Darkstone - Midrealm

Gladius - Midrealm

Godfrey de Bayeux - Æthelmearc

Morag Ap Preachain - Atlantia

Taliesin of Archenfield - Midrealm

Tatebito – Midrealm