Only at Pennsic! (Tales from the Known World)

From the files of the Pennsic Punster: A young man with a background of HEMA fighting arrived at troll late last night. He was not alone; he had a giant blood blister on his finger, a souvenir from a recent bout. “Look”, a friend pointed, “it’s a Hematoma!” Get it? HEMA-toma? Anyone? Anyone…


A marshal-in-training was asking for some finer points on scheduling and organization from the teacher. Thinking, he held up his tablet and said, “well, in about 500 years these will be invented and make life much easier!”


Unwinding after a lopsided rapier field battle, a fencer from the East explained to a newbie that at the start of a match, the two opponents feel each other out, to probe and assess. “It’s called a conversation” “That’s funny”, came the reply from a neighbor, “I thought the conversation was the trash talking!”


A serious sign of the times? At the end of a martial class, the teacher reminded everyone to drink water and stay hydrated. “Hail Hydrate”, came the typical response. “Actually, can we drop that guys? I’ve heard some boneheads lately using the Germanic version and it’s getting creepy”.


Dear Only at Pennsic, after a hot afternoon on the archery range, my daughter and I were grateful to squeeze onto the bus home to camp. One more Scadian boarded and had to stand at the front. “He looks like a tour guide,” quipped my daughter. Not missing a beat as we passed through the parking lot, the Scadian began, “Fun fact, now on this side you’ll see several chariots built to original 16th CE designs. This brown Honda Civic for example is from the Andalusian codex Automalia by Suzuki the Younger”


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