Known World Cadet Rapier Tourney

By Ashelyn Ironwood

Rapier Reporter, PI


Cadets from ten different kingdoms swarmed the list to show their valor and bring honor to their sponsors in the annual cadet tourney. Master Jean Paul Ducasse of the East was proud to announce that this year’s tourney fielded 86 combatants from across the Known World. He also announced that this would be his last year running the Cadet’s tourney and proudly declared that Don Yin from East Kingdom would take his place next year. Before the tourney began Don Poe and Master Jean Paul picked their favorite sponsor letters from the pool of cadets whose sponsors could not attend and read them before the crowd. Lady Millicent Rowan of the East and Lady Raven Helmsplitter were chosen to have their Letters of Entrance read aloud.

The tourney rules were simple. The fighters would fight double elimination with two brackets. The victors would continue on to the finals and the losers would report to the loser’s bracket to get another chance to make it to the finals.

Three fencers proved their worth on the field and earned a position in the final round causing a three-way tie. Lord Ishmael Reed of Atlantia, Lady Rowan, and Ottavio Perry of Meridies were tasked to fight each other in a round robin bracket. The winner would be determined by who was able to earn two victories. Ottavio emerged victorious as he defeated both his opponents in quick succession. He was awarded a $50 gift certificate to Darkwood Armory. When asked about his victory, Ottavio stated that the fights were awesome to be a part of.

The Honorable Lady Alianora Bronhulle of Æthelmarc was awarded the most honorable fighter by many of her fellow cadets and the marshals who volunteered for this tourney. As a token of respect, she was given Scarbunkle Token, which gives her free entry into the Best of the Known orld Tourney next year. Lady Alianora was chosen because, after she was eliminated in the second round, she remained at the lists to water bear for her peers and the marshals. Many in the list fondly referred to her as “Queen of the Water Bearers.”


Tadcaster Arcade Gauntlet Extravaganza


House Tadcaster, led by Master Ian Raven, hosted a tourney where the way to win was simply to play. Combatants would line up to fight one of 15 Tadcasters who stood waiting for an opponent, in order to win tickets for prizes. Each match had 5 passes, and every time a combatant killed a Tadcaster they earned half a ticket. Combatants could hold on to their tickets and purchase the bigger prizes such personal ravens or small weapons that had the ability to light the way in the night.