The Thrown Weapons War Point was a showcase of this year’s best of the best on the range. For five hours, two teams of fifteen champions faced off against each other in a hard-fought battle filled with close calls, near misses, tight scores, and above all, camaraderie and friendship.

The war point tournament was designed by Matteo Genovese of the East, who took inspiration from period cosmology. The tournament targets were built by Baroness Eadgyth aet Staeningum, East Kingdom Deputy Earl Marshal of Thrown Weapons. Eadgyth also ran the tournament, assisted by Matteo and Dealla Cohen of Atlantia, who helped with scorekeeping and announcing running totals to the gathered crowd.

At the tournament’s start, HE Eadgyth gathered all thirty throwers onto the competition range to explain the tournament format and rules, and to answer questions competitors had. Fifteen pairs of throwers would face off in two rounds of up to 20 throws, throwing axes first and then knives. Whichever side won the most matches would claim the war point. “Throw and Retrieve” format would be allowed to prevent points from being lost by weapons getting knocked out of the targets by other weapons. Pacing the target, to help throwers find their “sweet spots” on the lines, would also be allowed.

“The team captains came up for practice throws at the tournament targets, and they have determined that the targets will be challenging, but not impossible, which I like,” HE Eadgyth remarked before the tournament started.

Kestral Altara von Barton, captain of the Midrealm and Allies team, agreed. “The targets are very challenging,” she said. “But it’s going to be fun. I’m feeling good about this.”

Symon of Barnesdale, captain of the East and Allies team and the current Queen’s champion, had similar sentiments. “I’m excited. We’re going to have fun,” he said.

Eastern and Midrealm royalty arrived on the range to support Their teams, Their arrivals greeted by cheers from Their populaces.

“There is no more supportive community than thrown weapons,” HRM Fortune, of the East kingdom, commented, which was answered with cries of “Not Zero!”

“Thank you so much for honoring Us with your presence on the field,” HRM Kateryn, of the Midrealm, said to Her team before handing out favors. HRM Fortune also gave favors to the Eastern throwers just after the tournament started.

“I am so amazingly proud of my team,” HRM Kateryn said. “They are amazing. It’s also amazing that everyone is able to come out and stand for their kingdom, not just the Middle. And I’m so happy to come out and stand with my friends, TRM Fortune and Ozzur.”

As the tournament progressed through its fifteen matches of throwing pairs, courtesy, support, and friendship was the name of the game. Competitors wished each other good luck, shook hands and gave hugs, and offered congratulations to the winners of each round and match. During each match, competitors waiting on the sidelines would cheer for their friends who were throwing. Team captains would call out advice to help their throwers try to stick their next shots. Jokes were made and songs were sung. Despite the tournament taking five hours to complete, spirits were high the entire time.

For the first match of the tournament, the East won both rounds of axe and knife. The second and third matches were also swept by the East. At the fourth match, the Midrealm started to catch up. The East won axes and the Midrealm won knives, resulting in a match tie. The two throwers grabbed their spears and began throwing the tiebreaker round.

The original plan for spear rounds was that the first thrower to stick in the Earth target would win. After many rounds of misses, HE Eadgyth asked the crowd if they wanted to adjust the rules slightly to allow the first stick on any planet to count as a win.

“Earth! Earth! Earth! Earth!” the crowd chanted in reply. HE Eadgyth told the throwers to keep aiming for Earth. After several more rounds of misses, HE Eadgyth decided a failsafe needed to be put in place to prevent the tournament from taking all day. She proposed that the next throw would be the final one, and whoever got closest to Earth would win. The competitors agreed that this was a reasonable compromise and proceeded, with the Midrealm making the scoring shot.

Photo by Lorita deSiena

Cedric of Thanet of the East and Rikardr, known as Bear, of the Midrealm, face off in the War Point tournament


By Lorita deSiena

Thrown Weapons Reporter, PI


The fifth match was also swept by the Midrealm. The sixth match was won with a spear tiebreaker by the East, employing HE Eadgyth’s new format of “stick the Earth in 10 throws or less, throw #11 is ‘closest counts’.” The Midrealm swept the seventh match. In the eighth match, Trystan der Fachultrangon of the Midrealm became the first thrower to end a match early by sticking all nine targets in the axe round. The East then won the knife round, leading to a spear tiebreaker that was won when Trystan also became the first thrower to stick the Earth.

The ninth match was swept by the East. The tenth match required a spear tiebreaker, which the East won by sticking the Earth. The eleventh match required two tiebreakers. When the knife round finished with both throwers at five points, they threw a “sudden death” round until the Midrealm scored another hit. Then they moved onto spears, which the Midrealm won.

The twelfth match was swept again by the Midrealm, with the axe round ending early when Meinolf Grimsson became the second thrower to stick all nine axe targets. The thirteenth match saw Safiya al-Naghira of the East become the third thrower to stick all nine targets in the axe round. The Midrealm then won the knife round, sending the match to the closest tiebreaker of the entire competition. Both throwers managed to get their spears into the Earth, but then the Midrealm spear fell out, giving the win to the East.

The fourteenth match was swept by the East. The fifteenth and final round was also swept by the East. The East won the war point 9-6 over the Midrealm.