Dragon takes final battle, storms fort

By DonalBane of Blakmers

Pennsic Independent Battlefield Correspondent

After 27 War Points: Eastern Tygers 14, Midrealm Dragons 3, Mother Nature 7 (pending archery war points)

Having been stormed out on Thursday, both the great armies of the Midrealm and the East assembled for the final time this Pennsic hoping to storm into something: the Pennsic fort.

Each side was given a chance to both defend and attack the fort, with the side that held out longer claming the final heavy fighting war point of Pennsic XXXIII.

To spice things up a bit, the Barony of Marinus in Atlantia brought out several large “breastworks” and used them to bar the way to the fort. Several attacking fighters were designated sacrificial lambs and cleared the breastworks by force. Several other gentles were felled by another new weapon: “boiling oil,” poured off the battlements.

The East and its allies defended the fort first. The Tyger placed Atlantia, Markland and the Great Dark Horde on the east gate, Black Talon, Three Skulls and other on the central gate and Æthelmearc and the Northern Army on the west gate.

The fight for all three gates was called “a meat grinder” by several gentles that witnessed the fight. However, the critical breakout came from the west gate with elements of the Oaken and Darkyard armies leading the charge. After the breakout, the end was soon in coming and the East surrendered the fort in a time of 19:21.
After a brief break, the sides reversed with the Midrealm defending the fort. The Dragon assigned Calontir, Cleftlands and Ironlance to the east gate, Northshield, Trimaris and other allies to the central gate and Darkyard, South Oaken and Red Wing Lion to the west gate. House Darkmoon was held in central reserve surrounding His Majesty’s banner.

For about 20 minutes. The East’s advances were held in check. But at roughly the 20-minute mark, all three gate defenses seemed to collapse simultaneously. House Darkmoon attempted to fend off the surging Eastern fighters, but could not stem the tide. However, the marshals ruled that the Midrealm had held the fort for 21 minutes, giving the Midrealm the war point.

Addressing his troops after the battle, HRM Felix of the Middle waxed poetic.

“It had been a great and humbling experience to lead this army,” Felix said. “You have made me very proud.”

Dwarves vs. Giants Tournament
One of Pennsic’s most recognized novelty tournaments took place Friday as the Barony of Carolingia hosted its annual Dwarves vs. Giants tournament. The Giants (those 6-foot-3 and over) met the Dwarves (those 5-foot-6 and under) in melees, single combats and “handicapped” melees, where the Giants fought on their knees. Despite light-hearted height insults that were traded between the sides, all had great fun.

Known World Squires Tournament
Pennsic’s final armored tournament was the Known World Squires Tournament, which had to be postponed from Thursday due to the storms. Despite the postponement and a driving rain, 69 squires took part in a double elimination, Atlantian speed tournament to determine the best squire. In the end, Lord Douglas Henry of the East claimed the tournament.

Saturday’s featured battle: The great scrum of dragons heading for the exits! Seriously, VIVAT, HOOBAH, WASSAIL and HUZZAH to my fellow warrior watchers and the noble gentles who fight for us. See you at Pennsic XXXIV.

Photo by Master Liam St. Liam: A view from Mt. Eislinn.


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