East Takes Plateau Battle

By Dominic Seamor, Martial Reporter

In the last rapier War Point of this Pennsic, the Tyger fencers swept the plateau of every Midrealm warrior to claim the day. While exact numbers were not available, over 300 fencers took to the field. The battle was set as a flat “plateau” with two large hay-bale “boulders” providing some obstacles in the middle of the field.
The Midrealm and its allies entered from the east edge in a “classic Roman phalanx,” according to Warder Anton, the Midrealm commander, with most of their fighters massed in the center and light flanking elements to each side. The Eastern host seemed to be divided into several roughly equal blocks, under the overall command of Don Ogedei. There were no resurrections and the battle was to the last man or woman standing.
When the cannon sounded the massed warriors rushed onto the field. Don Ogedei said that this was the first rapier battle that didn’t go as he had expected, but his troops made things come out right for the East anyway. Both sides flanked their enemy to the left, resulting in the Middle Kingdom army facing north instead of west. Then unit cohesion broke down and bands of fighters ran this way and that, seeking enemies to slay. It became almost impossible for the assembled populace to track the action, but the fencers of both sides had no doubt where their enemies were and desperate small-unit actions reduced the numbers on both sides. It is not possible to say whether superior numbers, superior tactics, or just better fortune made the difference, but finally a last Midrealm fencer stood at bay, fighting to the end against several foes.
After the battle, both kings addressed their assembled armies. King Edward of the East gave the credit for this victory to the inspiration of his noble Queen, HRM Marguerite. King Radagaisus thanked his army commander, Commodore Warder Anton, for his valorous leadership by giving Warder Anton the Dragon’s Tooth. His Majesty also was greatly impressed with the skill and courage of M’lord Gabriel of the Barony of Brendoken who had been that last brave Midrealm warrior standing against the warriors of the East, and he also was awarded the Dragon’s Tooth in honor of his valiant stand.

Editor’s note: I would like to personally apologize to the rapier fighters and the Crown of the East that this story was omitted from the Friday edition in favour of a non-war-point rapier story, as this was the War Point that decided the War in favour of the East. The mistake was not intentional, but the hurt it caused is nonetheless very real. I am truly sorry for this mistake. Magistra Nicolaa de Bracton, Editor-in-Chief, Pennsic Independent


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