Call for Review Materials

The Reviews Department of the Pennsic Independent is seeking new SCA-related CDs, books, and other works of art for review in the Pennsic 38 volume of the Pennsic Independent.

Please send us only items that fit the following guidelines:

Directly SCA-related
Original writers/artists
Will be sold or performed at Pennsic, or both, this year
Either period works or SCA-relevant, original, or filk works. (Fiction will be reviewed only if it is set at Pennsic or has a similar direct bearing on the SCA.)

We prefer items that are new since last Pennsic, or are by artists we have not reviewed in recent volumes.

Please send review material to:
Pennsic Independent Reviews
2204 N 950 E
Lafayette, IN 47905

Please contact Ursula the Widow, Reviews Editor, [Ursula AT 4th DOT com], with any questions.


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