Children's Water Battle Cancelled

Mistress Catherine Aimee Le Moyne, Pennsic University Chancellor, reports this sad news from the Shadow Clans. Shadow Clans is the household that originated and has sponsored the Pennsic Children's Water Battle for many years. (See related story at

From Mistress Catherine:

I am very sorry to have to report that the Children's Water Battle at PW 39 has been canceled.

**Please note that the Water Battle has always been organized by private individuals, and is *not* an official event of the Pennsic War. The Pennsic Staff had absolutely no input, influence, nor prior knowledge of the status of the water battle, and is also deeply disappointed that this decision was made. The decision was made solely by the gentle members of House Shadowclans, who have contributed their time, energy, money, and thought for many years to make it happen.**

From Baron Johann Kinslayer, House Shadowclans

"It is with a heavy heart that I must report to you that [we] will not be able to host the Children's Water Battle this year....I will not be able to pull it off. We had thought that by ending the Corn Party we would be able to save our resources for the Water Battle. This did not last long. Based on last year's event, we barely had enough adults to man the walls, let alone set up everything. With this year's economy, volunteerism, and attendance at their current states, we won’t be able to do it on our end. The back ups that I have cultivated in case this ever happened have all failed for all the usual reasons. They are all trying to save their jobs, houses, etc.

"It's hard to watch something end. Some of us have been throwing the Children's Water Battle since 1991. We've had kids that we've soaked in mud bringing their own children back for the spa treatment! Then there were a few years where we weren't able to host a water battle, until the opportunity of the fort presented itself...."

In addition, several of the organizers on the Children's side of the battle are prevented by illness and/or unemployment from attending Pennsic at all this year.

It is our great hope that this will be a simple hiatus, as has happened before, but we want to make sure that the children have a little time to adjust to the idea of not having a water battle this year.

Please cross-post this message to anywhere appropriate. If you wish to help with bringing back the Water Battle for PW 40, please contact House Shadowclans (

Catherine Aimee Le Moyne, OP

Long-time Water Battle Marshal


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