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Pennsic War

Monday Fencing Roundup

By Master Liam St. Liam
Pennsic Independent Battlefield Correspondent

Don Antonio Patriquin of the East Kingdom set the tone for Monday's Rapier Champions' tournament by capturing the opening bout over Lord Martin of Hawksworth of the Middle Kingdom in a matchup of kingdom champions.

Tyger sweeps Dragon from the field

By DonalBane of Blakmers
Pennsic Independent Battlefield Correspondent

After eight War Points: Eastern Tygers 4, Midrealm Dragons 2 (pending Archery and Rapier champion results)

The Die is Cast

When the pageantry was finished and the last alliance declared, King Felix of the Middle Kingdom gave his final instructions to the gathered crowd.

“Go fight,” His Majesty said. “Have fun.”

Sunday Battlefield Wrap-up

By Donal Bane of Blakmers
Pennsic Independent Battlefield Correspondent

In Memorium

THL Honoria Winthrop of Holly Shire, mka Janet Marie Teofilo-Witwer of the Canton of Bowman's Rest in the Barony Beyond the Mountain, Kingdom of the East, formerly Baroness of the Western Seas, Kingdom of Caid, passed away at 1 pm Sunday, August 15th, 2004 at the hospital in Butler, Pennsylvania.

PI Web Edition -- Monday, August 16, 2004

Posted in

This is the Pennsic Independent Web Edition for Monday, August 16, 2004.

The Short, Victorious War

By THL Heirusalem Crystoma

Viscount Edward Zifran of Gendy, in his musings to the Pennsic populace stated, "I would like to dedicate the 33rd Pennsic War to 'inspiration.' I encourage us all to look inward to find that which inspires us to be part of Our Society and having done thus, share with others the motivation that draws us to Pennsic each year." This eloquent yet simple statement, when viewed in the darkness of a (mostly) sleeping late evening of Pennsic War becomes a quest. It is easily, longingly, happily fulfilled.

Youse have a good time!

By Magistra Nicolaa de Bracton

The comparison that this year's Pennsic Mayor, Viscount Sir Edward Zifran of Gendy, has made that running Pennsic is like running Tammany Hall in the early days of New York is apt.

Scoping the Swords and Shields: War Points Explained

By Donal Bane of Blakmers, Pennsic Independent Battlefield Correspondent

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