Armoured Combat

Combat wearing varying degrees of replica or reproduction armor simulating "heavy infantry" warfare or tournaments.

Tyger sweeps Dragon from the field

By DonalBane of Blakmers
Pennsic Independent Battlefield Correspondent

After eight War Points: Eastern Tygers 4, Midrealm Dragons 2 (pending Archery and Rapier champion results)

For the first time on Monday, the two Great Armies of the East and Midrealm met each other for one of the grandest spectacles of the Known World: the Pennsic Field Battle. This year, there were three fights in the field battle with each fight counting as one war point.


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Geoffrey Scott well on his way toward 1500 fights

Lord Geoffrey Scott, an armoured fighter who intends to fight 1500 bouts before the end of Pennsic 33, reports that he had completed the first 303 bouts as of Wednesday evening.

The Pennsic Independent will provide further updates on Geoffrey's progress as the challenge continues.



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