War Opens With Opposing Champions


The Great Pennsic War begins.
Photo by Master Philip the Pilgrim

By: Lord Alaric Messer

Here in the beautiful Kingdom of Æthelmearc, the wonder of Pennsic has been a grand and peaceful affair for a week; however, we all know that peace never lasts in these Disputed Lands, and the combined might of the East and Middle Kingdoms has come crashing down on Æthelmearc and Her Allies.
The Great Pennsic War has begun with the thunderous collision of the champions and vanguard forces of both armies meeting in combat on the battlefield shortly after Opening Ceremonies.
First came the Unbelted Champions with 40 combatants per side. Æthelmearc's Atlantian allies were the first forces to meet the East and the Midrealm in an initial charge. Whatever their goals, the Atlantians were enveloped by their opponents. They held their own, and their rearguard swiftly attempted to flank and assist. However, the Eastern-Middle forces won the War Point when they overwhelmed the forces of Æthelmearc.
The second battle of the day was Belted Champions, a skirmish with 30 combatants per side. As the forces approached one another, two champions of the red alliance attempted a distracting flanking action. They drew about a third of their adversaries to them, allowing the entire rest of their force to engage the reduced numbers on the purple side. As fighters on both sides moved toward additional opponents, the Atlantian core demolished the majority of the fighters they faced. This War Point was taken by the Æthelmearc Alliance.
The Matched Champions were next to take the field. Each side had a pool of thirty champions who had not yet participated in the day's battles. In the series of meetings in this battle, one to five champions from each side faced each other. The fighting each time was short and brutal, with a final result of victory for the Eastern-Middle Alliance.
The last battle of the day was the Century Champions Battle, a 45-minute timed release-resurrection battle, with the clock stopping only for medical holds. The goal was to capture the opponents flags. Despite a great start with the early capture of a red flag, the Eastern-Middle forces were unable to find any further success. The flag tally came to 7 for Æthelmearc and her allies, and only the initial first flag for the purple champions.
On this first day of War Week, the War Points tally stands at 2 points for each side.


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