Questers wanted! Are you brave enough to accept the Quest of the Drunk Tag? Can you follow the roles of myrth and merryment and alcohol? See Fernando’s Engravings around 7pm. Free.

Events Open to All
12 Step meeting E07 4pm AA/NA/OA/SA all welcome. Denys the Decadent’s Camp Great Eastern Highway
Silent auction for Real Leather family at Merchant Booth 147 daily from 9-6. Come and help one of your own.
Come join the Shire of Silver Rylle for a day of German celebration on Aug. 23rd in Hershey, PA. @ 10am. More info on East Kingdom event calendar.
TEACHERS! NEWCOMERS! Want to teach/learn something new in the SCA? Join us at DRAGON’S QUEST III, October 11 in the Barony of Brendoken (Dalton, OH).
Robin Netherton & Gale Owen-Crocker will be lecturing at Figments & Filaments, a costume convention. You can too! More info online or stop by Poison Pen Press- ask for Corwyn www.figmentsandfilaments.com
With heavy heart we report the untimely death of Tequilas Victorius, Bard of the Bella Morte. He was found in his lovers bed face down & unresponsive. The Lady Lionetta, ship’s surgeon, has determined the cause of death to be drowning, as a result of overzelous sexual encounter. Service to be held 3pm Friday at Otto’s Cove E-01 Please join the crew as we pay final respect to our fallen comrade, and beloved Tequilas.
Celebrating 40 years Marche of Gwyntarian “Road to Valhalla” Nov 8 - indoor melee, youth tournaments.

For Sale
12’ round canvas tent with setup tarp $650 like new text 812-841-6997 Cecil
For Sale - Bad garb, bad garb, what’cha gonna do? What’cha gonna do when the punchline’s you! - Claus the Toymaker
Agate Burnishers - bone ivory & horn handles - hand carved - also dog tooth and carnelian. Guild of Limners, #26
Tea & Absinthe brand teas are here! Over 30 different flavours to tempt you. Materialis #87 Street of Gold
For Sale: Ink - oakgall, walnut hull, also gallo-tannic ink, absolutely perfectly opaque. $4 per bottle. Guild of Limners, #26
BAD GARB I and BAD GARB II - Now AVAILABLE from Claus the Toymaker - How do you know you are not in them unless you read them?
ATTENTION WOAD WARRIORS! Feeling a little blue? I have the real thing! Genuine woad imported from Scotland, $4, limited supply, buy early. Guild of Limners, #26
Houpelandes! Costumes by Loren now has houpelandes. 166 Fleet Street. Shop early for the best selection.
Benefit the Chirurgeons - buy an original Pennsic 43 T-shirt, $13. Available from Claus of Burzee, #26 Merchants Row.
Camp gate for sale. Two gorgeous towers with arch. Own a Pennsic landmark. $450. Clan Blackhart/Sin Pit E05
11x17 oval marquee asking $1500 See Celia. Ravenstreet E05 only up 4 2 Pennsics.
Claus’ guide on “How Not to Get a Laurel” - Audacious and naughty - the truth is hard and very funny. See Claus the Toymaker. #26 across from the Barn.
Any merchant need an ice urchin? Call/text (570)205-2602
Fond of authenticity? Us too! Space #85 Treasury.
Yurt 16ft 400 OBO E01 text 5672749767
Calligraphy books under $10. Many rare titles. Guild of Limners, #26 across from the Barn
Kuchi jewelry clearance! Clean, no glass or coins missing. See Ghazalah 11-5 at Kafe Merhaba. SHINY!!
Woad, Madder, Cochineal, Brazilwood, Logwood - dyes to die for. Guild of Limners, #26
For sale-Son of Sandler size 9 1/2 boots, like new, black fleur de lis buttons @ Son of Sandler $350 OBO
Bookbinding leathers, metal clasps and supplies, plus blank journals and C&I supplies - Arte of the Booke, #65 Market Street
PARCHMENT. Genuine made by Pergamena. Calf, sheep, goat, deer. Many sizes from 5x7 to whole skins. Manuscript and calligraphy quality. Limited quantity. Buy now! Guild of Limners, #26, across from barn.
Funwear Forest Festival and Faire at Bronwyn’s by the Pillaged Village.
Romantic French double belled wedge set up 6 times $900* see Berengaria Highland Foorde Camp N22 *includes ropes + poles
Hard-to-find pigments - minium, vermillion, azuro, indian yellow, red ochre. Guild of Limners, #26 across from the Barn.
Good Gentles...How much have you spent on your armor? How much have you spent on your garb? How much have you spent on your children? This has been a public service announcement from Claus of Burzee, Toymaker
Henna paste handmade fresh on-site and sifted Rajasthani powder. Great dark color! 11-5, Kafe Merhaba
Blank Books - handbound in leather, handmade paper, thick and chunky. Fair trade products. $8-$32, limited supply - Guild of Limners, #26
Instant merchant booth kit just add you! 14x18 panther pavilion for sale. Everything included $1400 OBO. Shelving units IKEA are adjustable for many configurations $225 Great deal! See Materialis at Space #87 Street of Gold.
Horny Viking Custom Leather. Passional kilts and corsets. Custom chainmail by Pendragon. Booth 200.
For Sale: Panther 18x18x7 center pole marquee and fly; sunforger-FR, sod flaps, groundcloth tarp setup kit and brackets. Excellent condition. $2700. See at Rome Camp, B06, Heraklides or Athena. Text (571)276-6313.
Industrial sewing machine for sale. Located in NE Philadelphia for pickup. See Maire in Brigadoon W23. $400
Pergamena parchment sent their stock to the Guild of Limners - Whole skins down to 5x10 inches. Finest quality from $8-$200. Limited quantities.
Tardis Tea has rematerialised at Pennsic! Allons-y and Geronimo now in stock but Fantastic couldn’t make it to War. Materialis #87 Street of Gold
For Sale: Bad Garb Old Maid card game - Yes we have ‘em! - from Claus the Toymaker (who else?)
Mortars and pestles - set of 3 - vitrified porcelain. Only $10 at the Guild of Limners, #26.
Bad Garb Bingo! Have fun as you mock your fellow SCAdians. Only $5.00 from Claus the Toymaker #26.
Pavilion for sale 12x12 hardware included $750 OBO Circular and Viking also available in camp See Rex (Dark Moon)
Hurry to Claus the Toymaker for your leper - Supplies have been limited since a carpenter from Galilee passed through.
Penners at long last! Beautiful handcrafted leather cases for your pens. Durer wished his was as nice as these. Guild of Limners. #26
1970’s industrial embroidery machine. LOTS of software & supplies included. Elen of Birchbrae@42hoo.com Located in IL/IN area.
Sales all war! Costumes by Loren has sales every day. Come and see us at 166 Fleet Street.
THE GUILD OF LIMNERS habitantes in platea mercatares vendunt encausto, penna, libri, pigmenti, colorum diversi, rubia, quadone, omnimodes tinctori et instrumenta clericis necessaria.
Attention brewers! The Bee Folks have 15 buckets of Brewers Special Honey. Unfiltered, bottom of barrel, cappings, etc. $3.50 per pound
For Sale: Vellum - opaline vellum (sheepskin) direct from England. Finest quality. Sale price $20 per sheet. The Guild of Limners, #26 across from the Barn.
Yurt roof ring for sale, new. 14 ft. Iso obo. A-S end.
For Sale - Glass muller & burnishers from England, also Mitchell nibs, vellum, parchment and handbound leather books - The Guild of Limners, #26
IMPERIAL 8x16 Lots of upgrades. Setup in McGroynes at N23 to see. $1200.

Publisher drunk texts: Mudslides, I can’t weak.
Ecce occulus moronis.
Radio Free Mongolia - 88.3 FM
TTTT: Let me be the carmelized onions in your banquet of life!
Herissony Cat says thanks to Eoforwic for the constipation, and congrats to Lyda and Badrielle.
NOTICE OF FILMING- An escorted camera crew will be on-site during this War. They will NOT be filming in private camps.
Just a reminder that the gravel is Cooper’s Lake Campground property and is to be spread only by Cooper’s Lake staff. Unauthorized use of the gravel pile is theft, is a violation of site rules, and could be grounds for expulsion from the site.
The Four Proofreaders of the Apocalypse: Miss Placed Apostrophe, The Hyphenater, The Æschole, and the Cunning Linguist
Publisher drunk texts: Has lass checked for cafe methane ad yet?
Merchant of the Year for Pennsic 43 is AUNTIE ARWEN’S SPICES! Arastorm’s Merchant Appreciation Award VIVAT!
Master John ap Wynne and Mistress Lenore are not at the War due to her health issue. Stop by Merch Space 4 to write good wishes in a hand made book made by John Skinner to be taken home to them. They plan to be back next year. The music booth is open.
Shire Wars 4: Anglo-Saxon Harvest Oct 10-12. Site borders on 3 kingdoms www.shire-wars.com
Baby Sitting services contact Lady Ann Langley at 740-475-7558. I have early childhood education degree. I charge $10.00 an hour.
Publisher drunk texts: Remember the Ho-His
Omnes avi vagabantur non perditi sunt. Vera probabibiliter sunt. Aut ebril. Sic illa.
Publisher drunk texts: We need something badly inappropriate. Where’s Calvert?
WAR KITTENS! Two brothers found abandoned during setup, currently fostered in New Castle. 8 weeks old and looking for forever home. Donations also accepted toward vet cost. See Ghazalah at Kafe Merhaba.
Thank you for making our vacation great! Hope to have as much fun next year! -Great Dark Horde
Let Lady Gaga hold court! She was born this way!
Publisher drunk texts: World spinning, Mc fault.

Help Wanted
BREAKDOWN HELP needed! Fri and Sat. Good pay, food, fun crew. Bonus possible. Mediaeval Misc. Space #28.

Lost & Found
Lost, stolen or strayed 2 flamingos - gilded and bejeweled. Please return to the Venetians at w13 and we will exchange them for the pirate flamingos that have come to roost.
FOR SALE: One iron pinkie ring. Previously abandoned in Dance Tent. Must go before event ends and music stops. Urgent!
If you accidently took my black cloak from Casa Bardicci’s “Green Room” please return to Lost & Found or to Norseland E23

THANK YOU JAMES WEBB whomever you are for taking my license to Lost & Found and keeping my faith in the SCA – Aleksandr
Mad Dog for Mayor!
My deepest, deepest gratitude to all those who made The Pennsic Independent possible this year and over the past three years in my absence. I would especially like to thank Columella, Calvert, Nicolaa, Thor, and Aurora for their Herculean efforts. Seeing the blood, sweat, and tears that you have poured into this left me in awe. I love you all so much! Heirusalem
Sep missed you at Piper’s. Another time? The decorative water bearer.
Master Thorvald Redhair: There are gifts for you and Ghita at the Pennsic Independent front desk! Please pick them up before the staff eats them! Love, Heirusalem
To: Stephen I love you & miss you. So proud of you. Next year we will both be here! Love Mrs. Stephen
Newly diagnosed with breast cancer. Need info on recovery after surgery to return to active job. Text to (717)471-1434 to meet/discuss.
Happy 60th birthday Lord Philip Hartrat
Congratulations Liam! Your tent’s been up for another night!
Gentle man seeks gentle woman, 21-36 to share Pennsic memories and a glass of meade. One night stands need not apply. Future memories built on todays adventure. Text 4349814968
Heirusalem is putting together a team for Alex's Lemonade Stand's Million Mile Walk in honor of Myra (Patricia Rogers)! If you like to walk, please join her team and help raise funds for Childhood Cancer Research at alexslemonade.org. Search for Hope For Patty and join the team! Contact Heirusalem at mmcomptable44@gmail.com if you have questions, please.

Wanted to Buy
WANTED: 40 foot trailer, for on site storage. Call 845-667-6488 Tom

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