New Service War Point

by THL Jack Marvell
for the Pennsic Independent

War begins Sunday, and this time around one of the battles will be fought in the arena of service.
Syr Silverthorn is the Deputy Pennsic Mayor for Martial Activities. “The biggest news this war is the Service War Point on Tuesday,” he said. “Since this is a new thing they wanted to limit it to one day,” Syr Silverthorn said, adding that volunteer service was needed and appreciated every day. “The marshals are always looking for more marshals.”
The Volunteer War Point will be held on Tuesday from 12 a.m. to 11:59 p.m. Each location will be asked to track the names of the volunteers, the hours they work, and their allegiance. Whichever side has the most volunteers at work that day will win the point.
Those looking for volunteer projects on Tuesday should come down to the battlefield to help with set-up for the Armored Tower Battle. A great many hay bails will need to be moved, Syr Silverthorn said. “The more people who come out, the less work for everyone, and everybody gets to have a vacation instead of a few people working ugly, ugly hours.”
There will be a great deal of maintenance work going on the background to “make Pennsic more efficient and cost less” including replacing the PVC pipe used in the perimeter fencing on the battlefields, Syr Silverthorn said. “I'm hoping it will save labor down the road.”
In service of communication, Syr Silverthorn has established three Facebook groups related to Pennsic for the martial communities. 
Armored combat:!/groups/172919242851914/
Target archery and thrown weapons:
“It is an electronic medium that can a great addition for communication,” he said.
Silverthorn will use the Pennsic groups to keep people updated and to answer questions. He does ask that those who choose to use electronic devices to be considerate of those attending Pennsic who prefer a more period experience. 
“People should use their smart phones in a courteous way,” Syr Silverthorn said, offering these tips:
Keep the device out of sight if possible.
Turn down notification sounds.
Ensure silence during courts and large group activities.

War Point Schedule Overview (47 possible points)

10 a.m.: Champions Battles
• Allied Champions (1pt)
• Unbelted Champions (1pt)
• Belted Champions (1pt)
• Heroic Champions (1pt)
1 p.m. (following the Champions) Rapier Field Battles (3pts)

10 a.m.: Armored Field Battle (5pts)
1 p.m.: Rapier Champion (1pt)
1 p.m.: Siege Contest (1pt)
11 a.m.: Armored Woods Battle (7pts)
2 p.m.: Rapier Woods Battle (3pts)
10 a.m.: Archery Champions Contest (1pt)
10 a.m.: Armored Tower Battle (9pts)
1 p.m.: Rapier Bridge Battle (3pts)
2 p.m.: Thrown Weapon Competition (1pt)
Archery Populace Shoot Point Announcement (3pts)
10 a.m.: Armored Bridge Battle (5pts)
Service Competition Point Announcement (1pt)