Crypto: Pz12:’S’ is ‘t’; ‘/’ is ‘P’; ‘4’ is ‘n’; ‘\’ is ‘B’Pz13: Another sequence is‘SWXAVFKBY’

12 Step meeting daily at 4:00 PM at Denys the Decadent's Camp EO7, off Great Eastern Highway. Look for signs.
Blue water appreciation day. On Wednesday take the time to applaud those who do the job we don't want to. Salute the Lords of the Blue Waters!
Marshmallow Melee returns! Midnight Madness at the stone tower, medieval music (#28). Bring own ammo - large only! The mayhem starts at 6 and ends late.
New Music from Morgan Wolfsinger-'Cuchulain's Return: Love & Loss'. Available from Moongate Designs.
Super Secret wizard rock show! Thurs 9pm behind Camelot Treasures booth 30 bring a seat. PG13 oh my!

For Sale
12' Kitchen trailer refurb pop-up full LP range, chest, freezer/cooler outside kitchen set-up incl. 215-470-8545 $1000 firm. On site 6 yrs. Great storage, too.
Bad Garb Bingo! Have fun as you mock your fellow SCAdians. Only $5.00 from Claus the Toymaker #26.
15'x22' canvas pavilion for sale. Includes walls and poles. Pickup available Friday of War Week. Viewable @ Wycked Wyvern on E02. Call 215-353-2108 or stop by Mystic Mail & ask for Simon. Asking $675.
150 ft Industrial hose, hot water rated $50 inquire/pick-up at Three Swans E27.
BAD GARB I and BAD GARB II - Now AVAILABLE from Claus the Toymaker - How do you know you are not in them unless you read them?
2 10x20 Garages excellent condition. $150 OBO. W02.
Claus' guide on "How Not to Get a Laurel" - Audacious and naughty - the truth is hard and very funny. See Claus the Toymaker. #26 across from the Barn.
8ft tall queen size oak bed. W02 Annabelle $400 OBO
ATTENTION ALL AT PENNSIC! Claus the Toymaker would like to suggest that next year at Pennsic XLV that we choose one day and on that day everyone must dress in medieval clothes and treat Pennsic as if it were an SCA event. Please stop by and let him know what you think of this idea.
Beads and Reflective Trim at Lady Guendalina's Safety and Style #121 more beads, just ask!
For Sale - Bad garb, bad garb, what'cha gonna do? What'cha gonna do when the punchline's you! - Claus the ToymakerFor Sale: Bad Garb Old Maid card game - Yes we have Ôem! - from Claus the Toymaker (who else?)
Bridge for sale! Make an offer! Come to E12 Clan Blue Feather. Ask for Celeb, Note: TROLL NOT INCLUDED!
CLOAK AND DAGGER, 13 Bow St - Cloaks, gambesons, and mixed armor. While supplies last!
CLOAK AND DAGGER, 13 Bow Street: knife sharpening, cleaning, sheaths, and repair.
Come see the circus tent! 26' Octagonal Panther for Sale $1800 OBO E04 Corner of Chandlers & Low.
ETERNASILK embroidery silk floss now at #166 Fleet St. Ursula's Alcove. Solid and overdyed, just ask.
For sale 10x9x14 Saxon A-frame tent. Whole setup kit included. Take home at War's end. $600 OBO Paypal, Visa, MC accepted. B06 Ankara Rd. 614-832-7358.
For Sale: 12x12 center pole tent. New in box $900. Other sizes also. Site 48.
For Sale: Industrial straight stitch sewing machine. Head and table machine located north of Philadelphia. Inquire with Maire, who is located in Trimaris W17. $400 OBO
For sale match pair rapier & dagger c&t $350 or best. Alchem Reitschwert $100 Or best. Ask for Ibrahim @ Shark Pit next to North Gate.
Gently used Sandlar boots. Black w/red accents Sz 40. Asking $225 OBO *Paid $480*, see Martine at Vlads or call 267-328-7683
Good Gentles...How much have you spent on your armor? How much have you spent on your garb? How much have you spent on your children? This has been a public service announcement from Claus of Burzee, Toymaker
Gor books for sale. 19 in all. Some duplicates. Not a complete set. 11 1st edition 1st printing condition. VG to unread. Selling as set $300. Call 814-288-8081 or leave message at Caravan Crossroads merchant space 206.
Henna paste handmade fresh on-site and sifted Rajasthani powder. Great dark color! 11-5, now at #75 Market st.
Hurry to Claus the Toymaker for your leper - Supplies have been limited since a carpenter from Galilee passed through.
Jewelry tumbler, heavy duty. 1/3 HP with 10 1/2 x 10 3/4 drum. New mylar bushings. Cash or card accepted. $375.00
Neeed new music for the long ride home? Bardic CDs at Camelot Treasures #30 incl. Efenwealt Wystle.
Offer: To the merchant or any interested party-I brought the giant bag of cro-sheen cotton. Contact Griscin 631-697-5017 Checked twice daily.
Pavilion Co. for sale: Est. 1982. Set own hrs, seasonally or year-round. Turnkey, financing available. See display ad in newspaper. Period Pavilions, space 28.
Pavilion for sale: 12x12 Tentmaster. Used. Includes poles, ropes, stakes, carrying bag, shade canopy. Needs a few minor repairs. Available the end of Pennsic. $600 See THL Fiadnata or Master Phillip, Barony of Flaming Gryphon, Runestone Hill, W07. Call/Text 937-219-3968
Pennsic TShirts!!! $10-$12. XL to 4XL. Booth 90.
Period glass veil pins and other fine glass items can be found at Ursula's Alcove. 166 Fleet Street.
Period Pavilions for rent/sale, new/used. On-site: 7 for immediate delivery, 9 at end of War. Many others in stock, can ship. We do custom pavilions - intricate shapes & faux buildings our speciality. More details, color pics & free catalog at space #28. See the display ad in this newspaper.
"Sundew" and "Drink Me" green teas by Tea & Absinthe are back in stock! Visit Materialis #87.
T&A tea flavor of the day: "Ohana", black tea with passion fruit & mangos as well as tropical flowers. Materialis, space 87, Street of Gold.
Table/Bedframe/Stage for sale $200 OBO. Heavy and wooden.
Tent canvas 20x25 BO Tatter de Malion. Merchant #33
Tent for sale. Take immediate possession of Panther Primitives Regents tent. 12x12-7 foot walls. 13 oz Sunforger with sod flaps. Superfloor with black trim. Scallops and matching fly. Includes all set ups plus. Used 3 times. Still white. $2000 new, yours for $1000. Call 814-288-8081 or leave message at Caravan Crossroads merchant space 206.
Tent repair supplies: Waterproofing, seam sealer, hole patch tape, mud feet, emergency grommets. #28
Viking A-Frame 4sale 14.5x17.5x12.5 complete w/frame, ground tarp, and carpets. $800 OBO. See Bear N30 Ironwolf Camp.
We've gone mad at Dancing Pig Pottery! Place settings and nesting bowls need to go home with you! Buy three pieces, save 10%. Buy four pieces, save 15%. Buy five or more save 20%. Come to 16 Bow Street and buy pots tonight!
Yes! We carry teas by Tea & Absinthe.com! Fans and fandoms stop by and smell all the new flavors! Materialis space #87 Street of Gold.

Lost one of a kind black leather pouch. Tree with skull carved into the leather. Last seen Saturday night at Dun Phalin. If found, please return to Wyrdwood E31 or lost and found.
Bards Haven is open for Business! Willow Pt. E19
BIG HUGS TO LOCHAC CAMP AND THE WATCH. Missing you all. Have a great Pennsic and see you next year! Duchess Megan, West
Do you have a cat? Do you have a cat sitter? They need gifts! See Claus of Burzee the Toy Maker.
Free to good home. Used tent: Hillary Groom dome. Needs repair & cleaning. N38 Cypher Caravan. Avail. Friday PM.
Gifts for left behind peers and pals! Pithy magnets and keychains! Claus of Burzee the Toy Maker.
Hail to the Western Oaken Reserve Kingdom (WORK)! Your flat refusal to communicate and blatant stalling of negotiations over the Bacon has made it quite clear you have had no intentions to discusss this matter in earnest. We are lead to conclude, in fact, that you are collaborating with others to keep the Baron away from War, perhaps with those whom already conspire and lay claims to our lands. Rest assured that Baron has made arrangements to ensure Our protection; We will defend their Royal Majesties' land! Draco Invictus! B rendoken
Jigsaw puzzles of period woodcuts. Special orders available. MakeItMedieval at Claus of Burzee Toys.
Mechanical minion available to help you fix your dragons. Also available for general mechanical help. See Eric in E-18, August Moon. 302-544-0469
My name is Efenwealt. That is all. Thank you!

Help Wanted
ARE YOU MIGHTY??? Burley, manly men and womenly women needed for tear down at the Pennsic Independent on Friday afternoon, any time Saturday, and Sunday morning. Recompense, food, and cold drinks. Apply at the newspaper office any time.

The Memorial ship will sail Thursday Evening (weather permitting). Paint shields at White Wolf and the Phoenix, I20 Plunder Lane. Signs will be posted with exact schedule. Volunteers needed.

A MEMORIAL IN HONOR OF MASTER FIACHRA BONESETTER will be held on Wednesday, August 5th at o-dark thirty at Camp Caer Cynin, Block N-32. Bring memories to share.
All Hail Aquel! Pennsic King of Cigars!
Annabelle W02 like to see your bed 301-789-4200.
Are you winning the Pennsic bingo?
Baby Bunny, Momma misses you! Have fun in Pentamer and swimming in its great waters! See you when we have peace once again!
Blessings to all for your prayers, good thoughts, and energy over the past four-and-a-half years. Myra has scans on August 12. Please pray that they are still clean! God, by whatever His name, listens!
Celebrating the anniversary of a Pennsic fling that would become a wonderful marriage. All my love to Mistress Rosalind Jehanne!
Count Cadogan was correct in camp. Scoreboard: TWICE
Happy Anniversary! After 19 years Midnight Madness is still magic.
Snuzzler says Daddy I love you and I miss you, I wish you could come home, please bring me a tiara! Love to Helen too!
Snuzzler to Daddy: I miss you, come home so I can play with you!
Tale-Spinner killed 5 front 1 wrist of 6.

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