Allied forces showcase talents in War Point battle

By Syr Kyppyn Kirkcaldy
Battlefield Correspondent

As the Middle and East Kingdom come together for battle each year at Pennsic, they depend on Allies to enhance their forces. These Allies have their own war point each year in heavy combat with a tourney that has gained fame and notoriety as one of the most entertaining battles at Pennsic. This year the allied Champions battle was set for 45 minutes of non stop action. Four resurrection points are placed in the corners of the field with a two minute wait time, before a dead warrior can re enter the game. Each team lined up behind their own flag, with the intention of crossing the field and obtaining their rival team’s flag. Once the same side captured both flags, the winning side would earn a point, and the game would reset.
I asked King Gregor of the East how he thought this battle would impact the war. “This battle will set the tone for Pennsic going forward. It is a well contested and friendly battle and the beautiful day is an omen of good things to come for all of us.” Indeed the tone of the day was hopeful for both sides, King Lucien of the Middle said, “We’re excited to let the Allies start the war with a showcase of heroes from many lands. We are impressed that the Kingdom of Lochac brought 30 warriors this year.” The Allied commanders impressed upon me the significance of this battle. For the East, HRM Maynard of Æthelmearc stated, “This is one of the hardest battles to test endurance. Forty-five straight minutes for the allies to have a chance at honorable combat with each other.” HRM Northshield, Morgan Olander agreed with his rival team captain. As commander of the Middle Allies team, he explained how this battle differentiates itself from every other battle as a hard fight that turns and twists at a moments notice due to the two minute resurrection rules. “You think you have won the point with a minute and a half on the clock, but as soon as the other teams resurrection time limit is up, the strategy changes.” I spoke with many fighters this year that stated this battle was their favorite of the war. Sir Evander of Ealdormere told me, “My favorite fight of the year, clean hits and lots of fun.”
As the battle began the Eastern Allies pressed the Middle Allies as the East flanked the Mid and surrounded the banner. Making the first point for the East was Sir Mark Daubiguy of Atlantia. After the reset, the East pressed the line again and Sir Tristan of Æthelmearc stole the banner, running straight across the field unimpeded, making the 2nd point for the Eastern side. The 3rd point taken by the Eastern allies was after a right flank on the Middle Allies; Lord Dietrich of Atlantia ran wide to bring both banners together on the East side. Duke Edward the Red of Ealdormere had the honor of taking the 4th point and THL Bjarn of Ealdormere took the 5th point for the Eastern Allied team. A quick game of flag change created some excitement as the Middle Allied Flag was captured and brought to the East side, but the East’s flag had been captured by the Middle Allies and then brought back to the Eastern side with the Middle allied flag for a 6th point by His Grace, Duke Roak of Ealdormere. As both teams geared up for the 7th round, a decisively quick recovery of the Middle Allied flag by Sir Mordain of Ealdormere clinched the victory for the Eastern Allied side, winning the Allied war point for the East Kingdom.