Wednesday Battlefield Report

By Lord DonalBane of Blakmers
Battlefield Reporter
With the War on hold Wednesday at Pennsic, armored combatants still flocked to the field for pick-up fighting, and tournaments. One of these was the charity tournament organized in support of Mikkel the Builder, which saw Sir Osgkar of the East and others organized. Proceeds from the tournament will benefit Mikkel, who was recently involved in a motorcycle accident where he was struck by a drunk driver.
Other tournaments on Wednesday included:

Greybeard Tournament
Any fighter copping the excuse “I’m too old to fight!” had no leg to stand on Wednesday morning as the Greybeard Tournament returned. The tournament was open to all fighters over the age of 50, and 23 of the Known World’s wisest fighters joined in the fun.
The tournament was a double elimination affair. In the finals, Sir Corby de la Flamme met Sir Mordain of Ealdomere. Sir Corby took the final and a scroll with the victory.

Put Up of Your Dukes Tournament
The Shire of Silver Rylle hosted the Put Up Your Dukes Tournament, a new tournament open to all past or current royalty.
The tournament attracted seven who have sat on the throne, including HRM Lochlan of Ansteorra and HRH Quilliam of Ealdormere.
The tournament was a round robin affair, which ended with HRM Lochlan finishing with a 6-0 record, one win ahead of Duke Edmund of the Midrealm. HRM Lochlan was given a small banner for his victory.

Warriors of History
The Order of the Cataphract hosted the annual Warriors of History Tournament on the Blue list Wednesday. The tournament requires warriors to present themselves in as close a representation as possible to period armor. A total of 14 gentles took up this challenge and impressive armor kits were on display.
After opening the tournament with its traditional century vs. century open melee, the warriors engaged in a round-robin tournament.
In the end, two men were awarded a $25 gift certificate to Raymond’s Quiet Press. The first went to the tournament winner — THL Havoc of the Wild, who wore an 11th century Anglo-Saxon armor kit.
The second award for best armor kit was given to Baron Vladimir of Eztergom, who wore an 11th century armor kit based on the Varangian Guard, a group of Vikings in service to the Byzantine Empire.

Mooselodge Open Tournament
The Kingdom of Atlantia hosted the Mooselodge Open Tournament Wednesday on the west side of the battlefield. This tournament was open to all gentles, regardless of rank or age. A total of 37 joined the tournament, which, naturally, was conducted a double-elimination Atlantian speed tournament.
The finals came down to Sir Douglas Henry of the East and Sir Aradd Ffestiniog of Atlantia. Sir Douglas won the fight, claiming his second tournament title of the War.
Battle of Hastings
History repeated itself Wednesday on the Blue list as a horde of about 30 “Saxons” and “Normans” assembled for the Battle of Hastings. All of the warriors came in full chain mail armor, as was common in the period.
Sir Steve Grandchamp played the role of Duke William the Conqueror in the melee and sought to press his claim to the English throne. Opposing him was King Harald, played by Lord Owen Claerwyn, who was determined to keep his crown.
The two sides met in a series of melees with goal of killing the opposing king. The side that won the best of five fights would claim the Crown for their leader.
It came down to the final battle as the teams split the first four melees. However, for the second straight year, the Saxons reversed history as they slew Duke William to claim a 3-2 win.
The losing Normans then took turns presenting the Saxons with different tokens in honor of their victory. The sides also celebrated with “Saxon mead” and “Norman cider” after the fight.

Thursday’s Big Battle: The Bridge Battle
It’s back to the War on Thursday as the Bridge Battle returns at 10 AM. This year, the two Grand Armies will fight over five bridges in three 30-minute battles. Each battle is worth one War Point. Victory will be claimed by holding three of the five bridges or by sweeping the field. There will be no resurrections.


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