PI on the Move Again!

Due to expansion of the Pennsic Food Court, The Pennsic Independent is once again on the move.

Our new home is on the Great Middle Highway, at the top of Rune Stone Hill, next to the Middle Eastern Dance Tent. (Across from Rune Stone Park and the Middle Kingdom Encampment.) Please watch for The Pennsic Independent sign and banner with the black eagle.

As with any move, this poses a challenge to those who want to find us. We hope our friends will help us spread the word by posting this message to various mailing lists. Those already covered are the Middle Bridge, SCA-West, and Servicenet.

Of course, you can still get your paper from the fine merchants who carry it, as well as from our wonderful Urchins.

Since we are now at the tip-top of the hill, we also invite anyone who would like to stop by and get a drink of water after making the trip up the hill. Please stop by, rest your feet, and share your stories.

Finally, would the group or groups who use the Amphitheater please contact us? We will be close neighbors and want to know how we can best accommodate each other.

We look forward to another wonderful year at Pennsic! Subscribe now to avoid last minute rushes!


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