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Display Advertisements with The Pennsic Independent

Merchants, it is time to start planning for Pennsic! Woo Hoo!

Studies show that advertising can increase sales by 25% to 75%. Display advertising in PI falls in the upper part of that spectrum! If you have never advertised before, especially if you are a new Pennsic merchant or have moved spaces, consider it for this War!

In the past, when you have advertised with the Pennsic Independent, you have reached more than 7,000 readers each day of the War!

One of the first things checked each day (after the Head Count) are the Display Ads. As we all know, shopping is an unofficial War activity. So many things can be found at the War that are difficult to obtain elsewhere. Our readers are looking for you, to see what you have and what you might have for sale.

We are continuing to increase our readership and to make your advertising dollars even more valuable to you. We are also making it easier to submit and pay for your ads. In order to do this, we are:

  • Taking subscriptions on-line, before the War.
  • Selling in more locations at the War.
  • Making the Midnight Madness issue even more mad with a special advertising section!
  • Publishing up-to-date news of the War on our web pages, before, DURING and after the War.

One column inch in the Pennsic Independent is approximately 3- 1/2" wide by 1" tall.

Display ads may be submitted in JPEG, PDF, or GIF. For your convenience, ads may be submitted to Please contact us at this address for information on submitting large files.

Advertising Price List

Display Ads

Prices are per column inch, approximately 3 1/2" wide by 1" tall


2018 Early Bird Rates

These rates are effective until July 20, 2018, and are based on your order and payment date, regardless of when you submit your actual ad.

$8.50 per column inch
(Discounts for four or more days)
$17/two days
$25.50/three days
$33/four days
$40/five days
$46.50/six days
$52.50/seven days
$58/eight days

Also, in consideration of the amount of time it takes to prepare ads with graphics, we have added a $10 graphic set up charge to those ads requiring extensive set up at War. To avoid this charge, please get your graphic ads in before July 22.

Please contact Tegan with any questions.

$9.00 per column inch
(Discounts for four or more days)
$18/two days
$27/three days
$35/four days
$42.50/five days
$49.50/six days
$56/seven days
$60.00/eight days

Midnight Madness Shopping Guide: $12 per column inch. Merchants are limited to four column inches for the shopping guide.

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Midnight Madness Strikes the Pennsic Independent Again!

The Midnight Madness Shopping Guide was such a huge success, we've decided to do it again!

The section will be two pages of special Midnight Madness advertising appended to the Wednesday paper for convenient shopping. This will make it easy for shoppers to find just what they are looking for!

In order to give every merchant an opportunity to buy ad space in this special section, we are limiting the amount of space to four column inches per merchant. Space is available on a first-come, first served basis, so reserve yours early!

Space in this section is $10 per column inch.

To reserve your Midnight Madness ad space, send a letter of request, along with your check made out to “The Pennsic Independent” to:

The Pennsic Independent

2204 N 950 E

Lafayette, IN 47905

There is no need to send in your ad copy now. Copy is due to the Pennsic Independent office (located next to the Once Again Inn, across from the south side of the Barn) by 1:00 p.m., Sunday, August 15, 2004.

Contact Sarah Rogers (aka: Heirusalem Crystoma) with any questions you may have.


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Pennsic Independent Unclassifieds

Purchase Classified ads to print in the Pennsic Independent and online during the war! Pay via PayPal! It’s easy!

NOTE: The deadline for classified ads is 1:00 pm (EST) on the date prior to publication. We will try to get ads submitted after the deadline into the earliest possible publication. However, if you submit an ad after the deadline, please do not expect to see it in the next day's issue! Thank you!

Please contact and we will help you submit your classifieds. The old form no longer works.

Thank you!

Unclassified Advertising Prices-Online Prices
$1.50 per 50-character line