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The Longhouse of House Hedgehog

Raising the longhouse
Photo by Catella of Cilicia

by Catella of Cilicia, Reporter

For the second year in a row, an enormous house-like structure stands tall in the heart of the Bog on E23. House Hedgehog’s Longhouse has made another appearance with another grand impression on members of the Pennsic community.
Architectural assembly of House Hedgehog’s Longhouse requires a team of eight people (household members and campers) and approximately 12 hours of labor. Once assembled, the pine Longhouse with red oak staining stands just under 16 feet tall and around 23 feet long. The building features two floors: the lofts create a second floor that is housed directly beneath the canvas roof and a ground floor that is a wide and open common space.
The second floor lofts are at either end of the building can be entered by ladder and feature rugs, small tables and pillows. The lofts are an ideal lounge space, used to host musicians, for comfortable chatting or simply observing entertaining activities taking place on the first floor. The ground floor is composed of natural ground and is home to a handmade long wooden table with handmade benches for seating. Most often, the ground floor is used for group activities such as hosting guests, eating meals, and housing group entertainment such as games and celebrations. Incidentally, household members can also found napping on the ground floor during the hottest hours of the day as the shade and use of natural ground provide a much cooler atmosphere than possible with even the coolest tent.
The dream of a longhouse began as the brainchild of Lord Volkhard Rovan, the head of House Hedgehog, in early 2015. In his mundane life as the co-founder and co-owner of a private club of history and gaming in Maryland, he often provides hands-on lessons for SCA relevant topics that widely vary from woodworking to smithing to sewing and more. With a multitude of utilities and skills at his disposal, Lord Volkhard began planning a structure that could better accommodate his beloved Household at Pennsic. Looking for the best manifestation of his ideas, he also reached out to longtime friend and Household member Síoda o Craobháin.
Síoda’s 38 years of expertise in set and lighting design for theatre proved to be the final key to unlocking the legacy Lord Volkhard had envisioned. With designs flowing excitedly between Lord Volkhard and Síoda, the two also began the process of better researching period Viking longhouses. The design that emerged provided for the needs of the Household, was appropriate for the Pennsic environment but also featured documentable aspects of Viking longhouses. After designs were mostly finalized, five people worked continually with countless assistive hands. Five months later, and with great enthusiasm, the Longhouse proudly entered existence.
When House Hedgehog’s camp is open (see the sign in front of camp) and when they are available, Lord Volkhard and Síoda happily answer questsions and Household members and campers proudly give brief tours of their incredible structure.

A Nice Evening for a War

With the breaking of the arrow War has begun
Photo by Master Phillip the Pilgrim

by Magistra Nicolaa de Bracton

Banners flew in the early evening sun, and the sound of song, of drums, and of pipes filled the air. From the eldest—the West Kingdom, preceded by an enormous banner—to the youngest—the Kingdom of Avacal, attending their very first Pennsic as a Kingdom, the realms of the Known World gathered once again on the fields of Pennsic to declare alliances. “We welcome you in the spirit of fellowship and joy,” said King Byron of Æthelmearc, “But we hear tidings of conflict, and that the East and Middle have gathered here to resolve their differences.”
“We heard rumors of a horde gathering on our western border, and raised an army to meet it, but it looks as if we will meet them on the lands of Æthelmearc,” said King Kenric of the East. “We hope to not damage your lands too much, and we will take nothing unpaid for.”
Said King Cameron of the Middle, “We are just one day’s march from the border of the Middle, and sought to secure our own lands, but we find ourselves with our army here as well.”
“Surely, you can work it out?” asked King Byron. “Uhhhhhh…” said King Kenric, “We’ve done a lot of talking. Diplomacy has accomplished all it can. There will be war.”
“Then, Cousin, let us meet upon the field,” replied King Cameron.
The War Arrow was then brought forward by the Khan of the Great Dark Horde, who presented it to TRM Byron and Ariella. Both King Kenric and Queen Avelina of the East and King Cameron and Queen Amalie of the Middle seized it and broke it.
“Oh, dear,” said King Byron, as cannons sounded marking the beginning of hostilities.
Kingdom by kingdom, the royalty stepped forward to declare their alliances. First came the West Kingdom, who chose to stand with their brothers of the East. Æthelmearc, presented with two armies on their lands, chose to place their trust in the East, their parent. Caid declared their allegiance simply: “Pretty words. East.” They were joined by the Stellar Kingdom of Ansteorra and the kingdom of Lochac
The Queen of Atlantia, noting the progress of the alliances, declared for the Middle, stating “We like these odds.”
“We have no quarrel with the East or Middle,” stated the King of Calontir. “We will fight with our cousins of Ealdormere. The Kingdom of the Outlands then declared they would fight with Calontir, leaving Ealdormere to determine the alliance of three kingdoms. “We stand with the kingdom that has shown us courtesy, respect, and honesty. We stand with the East,” said the Queen of Ealdormere.
The silver tongue of the Queen of Trimaris, and the words of Prince Edmund of the Middle led the Kingdom of Trimaris to declare with the Middle. The King of Gleann Abhann also noted the persuasive powers of Prince Edmund in making their alliance with the Middle. “We had intended to fight with our brothers of Calontir and Ealdormere,” said the King of Northshield, “but we will fight with the Middle to even the sides.”
The King of Drachenwald, noting that that kingdom had lost several dukes and spearmen to the Kingdom of Æthelmearc, made their alliance with that kingdom.
The newest kingdom at Pennsic, Avacal—their royalty in attendance for the first time—cited oaths taken to the King of the West and the King of An Tir, and declared they would fight with the West.
The Holy Kingdom of Acre, honoring their longstanding treaty, also declared for the East. The Khan of the Great Dark Horde, when asked to declare, stated that after much deliberation that they would stand alongside Northshield, and presented the King with an arrow. Finally, the Tuchux came forward to lend their steel to the Kingdom of Æthelmearc.
Alliances declared, the war horn was brought forward by House Darkyard and presented to King Kenric, who presented it to his Queen. Queen Avelina then sounded a clear and resounding note. “Armies of the East, Middle and allies,” cried the herald, “This is War. Go and prepare yourselves!”

Calf to Codex Comes to a Conclusion

Master Johannes at work
Photo by Master Phillip the Pilgrim

by Magistra Nicolaa de Bracton

Readers of last year's Pennsic Independent learned about the Calf to Codex project, a nearly five year long effort to produce a bound book using completely period tools, techniques and materials. The project, led by Master Johannes von Narrenstein of the Middle Kingdom, features work by 22 bards and historians regarding the history of the Middle Kingdom, compiled and edited by Ursula Mortimer. Eight parchment makers started from a class presented by Master Ranthulfr to process and prepare deerskin parchment from hand-butchered deer. Ink, shell gold, and paints were prepared by another group of six artisans, and another sixteen completed the calligraphy and illumination. Flax was grown and spun into bookbinding thread by another team of eight, with wax provided by a beekeeper. The bookbinding team of ten included makers of hand-planed oak boards, hand-dyed leather, hand-forged metal claps, and experienced binders. Even the tools for the project were made by hand.
The result of the project is the Codex Mediterranae, a beautiful 112-page book that had its debut at the SCA 50 year celebration at a special reception, where many of the pieces within the book were performed. In fact, according to Master Johannes, the book is meant to be touched and used, not kept behind glass. "This project has been like the one that made the Great Booke more than twenty years ago," he said.  "As we conceived it, the first finished book is not be the property of any one person, group, or organization. That is to say: unlike the Great Booke, it will not be given to the Crown or sent off at once to a museum. Instead, it will be used like a book should be – read from, to us, at events and gatherings. We will have a custodian to take care of it, and invite readers to read to us from it." Indeed, Master Johannes hopes to have the book at a number of bardic circles around Pennsic this year.
Editor Lady Ursula Mortimer added, regarding the selection of works chosen for the book, " A great many excellent pieces fit the criteria for the volume. The hardest part was leaving out the ones for which there was no space. We could easily have filled two books this size."
If you would like to see the book or hear some of the bardic works included performed, there are several opportunities to do so. The Book will be at the A&S Display at the Great Hall on Sunday, August 7 from 1-5 pm, as well as at the A&S Champions' War Point, Thursday, August 11 from 9-3 pm. You can hear many of the works in the book performed at "Calf to Codex, a Concert" from 6-7:30 pm at the Performing Arts tent. If you would like further inspiration or information about the book, just search Facebook for the Calf to Codex group, where you will not only find a complete pictoral history of the making of the book, but also ongoing inspiration for those interested in the scribal and book arts within the SCA. There are indeed plans to follow up with a second book project, perhaps including less strictly authentic works.

Unclassifieds 8-7-2016

For Sale
Panther 18x24 new in box Viking chairs fancy bowls
Full leather gift/vigil books: From Historic Designs. Hand-bound & tooled by Kendrick von Brumbach. Very limited supply. At the Haunted Bookshop -063.
16 ft. diameter yurt, ash lattice & rafters, oak ring, Panther canvas, rubber floor. Asking $1800. Contact Bruce @ 732-674-4311.
Vardo for sale $1500. Text or call 724-854-2040.
Handmade Afghani rugs - soft and durable. space 37
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Opera bard at Pennsic Again! 10 years experience will follow your friends around and sing at them. Assault your enemies with Caccini! Or Bizet! Will deliver opera messages $5 a song and up. Text 240-405-6842 for set up.
8’ square shower building includes wet wall, roof & floor. $400 OBO. For more info contact White Raven @ 574-398-9310. Please leave number.
Peter Wright Anvil, 123 lb., delivery at Pennsic avail. $400 OBO. 216-409-4740
Viking archery booth 12-- complete line of archery supplies including custom bowstrings. Also have throwing hawks, leather pouches, t-shirts, cloaks, jewelry, and neck coolers. Starting Monday afternoon combat archery components-arrows and crossbow.
18x16 Panther Marquis 1 year old, used 3x $1000 tent only $1500 w/ ropes, poles, etc. End of War pickup. Booth 145 Hamishs Dreck 615-415-5842
Going out of business sale 18x24 marquee new in box. Primitive Viking chair 12x12 center pole. Site 48.
Repro French 6LB cannon on Naval truck must pick up in KY $2500 serious inquiries only. 812-449-5406
6x12 red horse trailer w/ sealing plywood $700 OBO. See Saxsa at House Fabri in B3 850-499-3135
For sale: Queen-size air mattress, brand new, used one night. $30 see Katherin at Newbridge in N08.
Tudor dress hooks, dress pins, hat & veil pins, fibulae. Authenticity is our thing! The Treasury #85
Custom Vardo/Gypsy Wagons. Many options available. See sample on W10. afabsales.com or text 716-450-3360.

Cloak & Dagger sharpening knives, cleaning, custom sheaths. #13 Bow St.
Attn Bards & Filkers 600 filks from Golden Age #208
Chess Challenge: Jayme Hume of Berwyk challenges any comers to a Battle of Kings: Westengale N03 on St. Lawrence just past the great hall.
Veronica needs rum & sunshine!
Carolingia, University of: Support the old Alma Mater! Varsity melee team t-shirts @ #121
Fine loose leaf tea by “Tea & Absinthe” only at Materialis. Space 87 on Street of Gold.
CMT/LNT seeks trade w/ CMT/LNT current and noncurrent gentle-pathy preferred, myofascial loved B5 Aielnem #434-981-4968
2-17 Known World Dance & Music Sym. 6/15-18 2017 Baltimore MD - Want more info? Come to the European Dance Tent @ 7pm Sunday. See 222.kwdms.org
The Known World Dance Symposium meeting has been moved up to 7pm on Sun 8/7 in the Dance Tent. All are welcome to attend.
Boo-boo-oil & salve - rivets - buckles - dyes - soaps & essential oils- oils - bitter apricot kernels at the Blue Unicorn Etc. on Battle Road. Also custom enbroidering.

The memorial ship will sail Thursday, Aug. 11. Paint sheilds at White Wolf & the Phoenix, 120 Plunder Lane.

Singles Party Sun Bog 6-9. Get your leis from the match maker at ARStation.
Celtic bardic! BardsHaven/E19. All the usual goodies! Food! Gifts! And other stuff!
Service dog social Tuesday 7pm Barony of Lochmere N18 Look for lg. banners!

To Scarlet Ibis: have a great War all! See you when you get home. Elizabet
Bards Haven is open for business!!
*Attention* This just in! Sir Harold hasn’t moved from His Chair in six days.
Patty D - Sending Spoons!

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