Unclassifieds 8-10-2016

Super Secret Wizard Rock Show for Harry Potter fans. Thurs 9 pm @ Thanet House N15 on By The Way between Brewer’s and Chandler’s. PG-13 Featuring Efenwealt and Aenor as the Blibbering Humdingers.

A child’s voice is the sweetest sound- join us for our concert on Thursday at 6:00 pm - Performing Arts Tent - We are the future past

Dance! Music! Dance! Music! Come to Baltimore MD for the 2017 Known World Dance & Music Symposium! June 15-18, 2017. See www.kwdms.org

1st Annual Historical Brewing Roundtable AS4 7pm Wed 8/11 - Come to learn, share, taste, and be inspired. Non-alcoholic brewing welcome. (Age 21+ for tasting alcohol)

Shire Wars VI celebrates the 950th anniversary of the Battle of Hastings. Oct. 14-16, 2016. Normans vs. Anglo-Saxons, including combat archery. See event announcement on the EK website.

For Sale
Storage or shower trailer $500 OBO. Trailer tongue must be replaced with new tongue! Barony of Carillion block N10 corner of Brewer and Fletcher. Ask for Ty or Wulfgang for more info.

14x21 double bell wedge tent $600 OBO 610-406-8108 m.bowers526@gmail.com

Going Home Sale: twin beds,18 x24 Panther new in box, hand forged viking weapon, dorm refrige, primitive viking chairs 724-421-5394 Site 48.

6x12 red horse trailer w/ sealing plywood $700 OBO. See Saxsa at House Fabri in B3 850-499-3135

Kids garb at Neverland Designs #121 Plunder Lane.

Propane 40GL water heater, works, $35. - OBO, Dhmoritu, E09, ask for Campmistrs

Custom Vardo/Gypsy Wagons. Many options available. See sample on W10. afabsales.com or text 716-450-3360.

Essential oils, henna kit and supplies space 37

Used fencing swords. Reasonable 724-289-6914

Lacing rings and aglets at lady Guens. Space 121

Full sized slat bed with futon mattress. $200/OBO. Available Saturday. See Nessa @ Canvas Skulls, E30.

Tent for Sale 14x14 Pyramid. Stakes not inc. Camp Wild Rose E24 ask for M. William or Amya $200.

Greybarr’s Garage Sale. Something for everyone. Yards & yards of fabric, lanterns, baskets, etc. Space 91 St of Gold West Gate

Hand painted glass, slate wood, etc. Custom painting on bows, etc. 91 St of Gold West Gate

3 new handcrafted linen backed hickory flatbows, inset tips & handles 66-69” amo 30-36# $175ea. See Poplyr or Master Godric @Gamol Gat N33 Chicane Lane.

Handmade Afghani rugs - soft and durable. space 37

12x12 Panther Regent with canopy fly, black trim, sod flaps. All poles but one, stakes. Contact Runa in Great Dark Horde camp, E10. $600 cash or Paypal.

Vintage women’s nagajuban under kimonos on sale #208

9x18 Double Bell Wedge tent w/awning all poles and stakes included. Only used a few times $500.00 812-701-1820

Snoods and boning and busks oh my. Come to lady Guens. Space 121

Viking Archery booth 12- complete line of archery supplies including custom bowstrings. Also have throwing hawks, leather pouches, t-shirts, cloaks, jewelry, and neck coolers. Starting Monday afternoon combat archery components-arrows and crossbow.

15’ Spokewheel Pavilion $800 OBO. N18 House Gray Fox next to Darkmoon.

Indigo, henna, classic dye. Paisley peacock #37
Commercial sewing machine Rex walking foot. New hook serviced $600. Can be seen at Big Horn Trade Co. 141

Kitchen/storage trailer $800 OBO on site avail imm for info Unicorns Garden sp 207.

8x8 marquee canvas tent-used, decent shape $175. Trestle wood table $175. Drums-various $50+. Viking archery to see #012.

Has the Mustard Fairy not visited? Learned Steel’s Medieval Mustards are available at Auntie Arwen’s!

16 ft. diameter yurt, ash lattice & rafters, oak ring, Panther canvas, rubber floor. Asking $1800. Contact Bruce @ 732-674-4311.

Opera bard at Pennsic Again! 10 years experience will follow your friends around and sing at them. Assault your enemies with Caccini! Or Bizet! Will deliver opera messages $5 a song and up. Text 240-405-6842 for set up.

18x16 Panther marquee 1 year old, used 3x. Great dining hall. May attract Bards. $1400 Ropes, pole, all. $1000 tent only 615-415-5842 end of war pickup.

Repro French 6LB cannon on Naval truck must pick up in KY $2500 serious inquiries only. 812-449-5406

10x10 Marquee includes poles ropes iron shelf. Bracket & shelf- like new. Pick up at end of War $550 #413-822-9557

Grolsch bottles for sale $2 each. text 850-499-4640

Tudor dress hooks, dress pins, hat & veil pins, fibulae. Authenticity is our thing! The Treasury #85

Henna paste made fresh on site. Darkest stains! #37

Used shower/storage trailer $75. Needs some love 8x4 storage trailer w/shower. Available at end of war (Sat 11am) Barony of Dun Carraig Block N33.

Vardo for sale $1500. Text or call 724-854-2040.

Panther 18x24 new in box Viking chairs fancy bowls

Need an artist when you’ve gotten back from Pennsic? Email vixensshadow@gmail.com and visit their portfolio @ vixensshadow.tumblr.com

EK Gazette wants your research! We want to publish your paper on history, A&S, Esoterica-We want to learn. Contact our editor - molly.eskridge@gmail.com

myfunkycamelot.etsy.com - visit our Pennsic booth #30 Camelot Treasures for SCA, Angevin, and Steam-punk fashion accessories! Maitresse Aenor d’Anjou

Boo-boo-oil & salve - rivets - buckles - dyes - soaps & essential oils- oils - bitter apricot kernels at the Blue Unicorn Etc. on Battle Road. Also custom enbroidering.

Thank you for the donuts. You will be spared our wrath! Love from the Magderonica.

The other Lucia: Good morning sunshine!

Attn Bards & Filkers 600 filks from Golden Age #208

Murder! Lust! Beer! Mystery novels @ The AmberLady

Bardic CD’s for the long drive home. Efenwealt Wystle, Heather Dale, Ken and Lisa Theriot, Drake Oranwood, Wolgemut, Musica Subterranea, and more. Camelot Treasures booth 30 on Street of Dreams.

Achbar for President!

Pennsic Staff is a one year commitment, please be sure to thank the staff for their service this year.

All pipers will be killed.

Fine loose leaf tea by “Tea & Absinthe” only at Materialis. Space 87 on Street of Gold.

Cloak & Dagger sharpening knives, cleaning, custom sheaths. #13 Bow St.

Help Wanted
On-On W&R trails Thr 10:30am W-12(Penincila) Hares & RA wanted. Ask for Marco.

Lost & Found
Lost: Rust colored viking apron with white & tan trim. Return to the Pennsic Independent!

The camp of Wayfaring Rest (E04) would like to invite all who knew THLady Rowan L’Crotha to a celebration of her life. Lady Rowan was a teacher, a mentor, an illuminator, & a Chatelaine. She was known for her studies in Middle Eastern dance, Slavic arts & culture. Her love of life, generosity, & apple pie warmed the hearts of all she came in contact with. Please feel welcome to our camp Thursday evening between 5-6 for food & remembrance, followed by the longship ceremony.

The Memorial ship will sail Thursday, Aug. 11, weather permitting. Meet at 9pm at White Wolf & the Phoenix. 120 Plunder Lane, then process to the lake.


Ottilige and Lijsbet - You two are the best apprentices in the world and I am unendingly proud of you. Love, Odriana

To the lovely lady at the House Hedgehog party- you are cordially invited to visit. Sincerely, Faolan Hookah Master.

Canvas Skulls: We caught your Snorlax. Retrieve from E19. Does not
respond to Pokeballs. Bring rum.
Sir Baldrick the Just of Chelmsford the test came back positive.

Congrats on 25 years! May we have many more. To my husband, meeting you at war 10 yrs ago has changed my life. Here’s to decades more in our adventure. Love, Cat

Happy Birthday Simeon de AlcaÁar

Patty D - Sending Spoons!

Bards Haven is open for business!!

Are you Viking in faith or personna? Both? If faith, SCA Heathens group on facebook is a way to keep in touch with others. Request to join us.

Happy 20th Anniversary, My Love. I wish I was there to share the magic with you tonight - Isabel

Wild seahorses on the run! Some of our seahorse water bottles have not returned to the Atlantian day shade. If found, please help them find their way back home to the herd.

*Situation Update* Sir Harold and Chair have been reunited! Toe is still missing.

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