HOLD! Changes for Heavy Fighters

By: Uilleam Friseal
Battle Field Reporter, PI

Marshals at Inspection Point seem to be handling fighters very smoothly this Pennsic. However, Mother Nature has forced a slight change for those heavy fighters hoping to begin wailing on each other tomorrow is Duke Timothy’s Ædult Swim event has been moved to Saturday the 5th.
The marshals also want fighters to know that they MUST take Battle Road when making their trek to the Woods Battle. Any fighters, even those in large groups, will be turned back and redirected towards Battle Road.

Fighters beware: if you are found removing a flag from its stand, or holding a flag out of its stand as a tactical advantage you will be removed from battle, have your sticker pulled and be sent to Marshal’s Court. The flag must remain in its stand unless removed for the reason of scoring. If a scoring flag drops, the point will be considered null unless it is returned to the stand first.

On August 7th, the marshals request that all fighters participating in the Bridge Battle assist field setup by bringing one hay bale to the marked lines on the battlefield. Fighters should also help with hay bales during field reset. No archers are allowed on bridges, and siege engines must remain 50 ft from the bridge edges.
Fight with honor. Die with Valor. Arise and rejoice with your Friends.