Games Bring Pennsic Joy

PLACED Favor.jpg
The Queen’s favor, prize pins and bingo tokens.
Photo by Magistra Nicolaa de Bracton

By: Magistra Nicolaa de Bracton
Editor-in-Chief, PI

How well do you know Pennsic and the Society? Have you ever asked a Queen for her favour?
Æthelmearc Hospitality has some fun diversions to tempt newcomers as well as those looking to “go beyond your comfort zone,” according to Lady Lasairfhiona inghean Aindriasa, who along with Lady Dubheasa inghean Dubgaill has undertaken a mission to demystify the Æthelmearc Royal encampment. “We want people to know anyone can come into Æthelmearc Royal,” said Lady Dubheasa. “We have water and lemonade, and a charging station for electronics, and we welcome all regardless of kingdom.”
And there are games! You can pick up a Bingo card to play Pennsic Bingo. You can fill your card by taking classes (multiple spaces available for multiple classes), volunteering, attending a battle, visiting the Bog at night, finding the flushies, finding a baron or baroness, helping someone in need, visiting the Coopers’ Store…the list goes on and on! Any vertical, diagonal, or horizontal row wins a token cast by His Highness Sir Gareth, and you can play as many times as you like. The bingo card is family-friendly, and people can play in groups—all participants will receive a token if they play and get a winning card.
“This encourages people to get out, see Pennsic, maybe learn how to identify Royalty, peers, or protégés,” said Lady Dubheasa. “It also gives people a reason to approach others without being afraid,” said Lady Lasaifhiona.
But what if that person is a Queen? If you spot a Queen wearing a gold favour with a crown pin on it, that means she is playing a second game and is just waiting for someone to come ask her for that favour. “We have asked the Queens of several kingdoms to participate, and many have agreed,” said Lady Lasairfhiona. During Peace Week, the Queen and Princess of Æthelmearc have been wearing the favour, and it has been claimed every day.
How can you play? If you see a Queen wearing the favour, approach Her and ask her if you can have it. She may give it to you, or she may assign you a short quest in order to gain it. Once you have it, return it to Æthelmearc Hospitality, where you can exchange it for a jeweled crown pin (either gold or silver, your choice).
Newcomer’s Point has taken on responsibility for a third game devised by these ladies, a scavenger hunt. “We hope these games will continue in the future,” said Lady Dubheasa, “and that they help rejuvenate the joy of Pennsic.”
A few bingo cards are available at the Pennsic Independent office, or stop by Æthelmearc Royal to pick one up.