PI Friday August 11, 2017

An Epic End

Quintus of Vitos Minions resting as the battle rages on.

Written by: Uilleam Friseal

Mist hung over the battlefield along with dark ominous clouds. Horns signaled the beginning of battle was near and combatants swarmed to take their positions. Seconds before the cannon fired, a craze of war cries and chanting began, everyone was ready for the final battle.
Both armies raced to meet each other, single soldiers reached the breach points and began fighting immediately followed by waves of their allies meeting with a thunderous clash. Quickly, the Grand Alliance took control of the first breach point. Few fighters are left at the breach to maintain control, as the rest of the survivors moved forward in an attempt to flank their enemy at another breach.
In an attempt to keep the fight going, holds are called at each breach when needed. However, all fighting stopped for a medical hold as EMS entered the field. The field erupts in cheers as the fallen fighter returns to his feet and is escorted off the field to rest.
Chaos resumed at the contested breach points once the hold was lifted. With only a small number of fighters were able to attack through the breach, archers and siege engine operators began to launch full attacks in an attempt to thin the lines.
After some time, the Allied Kingdoms regrouped at the only non contested point and launched a powerful counter attack that managed to bring the fight back to the breach point. The attack was soon met by a charge from Grand Alliance reinforcements, who managed to punch a hole in the lines of their enemies, and regain control of the point.
This battle quickly became a stalemate as reinforcements from both armies reached the frontlines too quickly for archers to keep up. Flag stands began to break as the fighting only became more ferocious, fighters attempting to plant the flag were quickly squashed. Before long there were no standing flags, but the combat raged on just as strongly.
On opposite sides of the field, both armies employed similar tactics as large unit shield formations charged and took opposing breach points. The center breach is another story, as neither army was able to mount a successful attack, the point remained contested until the end.
As time ran low, combat became more vicious and it was clear that fighters began to give everything they had left. However, when the cannon fired and dust settled there were only two flags standing. One for the Allied Kingdoms, and one for the Grand Alliance.

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Battle of Champions

By Uilleam Friseal
Battlefield Reporter,
Pennsic Independent

Prior to muster, armies convened under their Kings and Queens to receive words of inspiration. Following a brief instruction from Marshals, all fighters took their positions. They began to chant and beat their shields, as they readied themselves to charge. At the cannon, fighters from the Grand Alliance raced to meet their waiting foe. The charge was quickly pushed back by a dense shield wall, which marched strong and managed to push directly to the flag for the first capture for the Allied Kingdoms.
Fighters and Marshals cooperated to reset the field as quickly as possible. “Lay on” was called, and both armies quickly advanced to meet in the center of the field. Again, with the power of strong formations, the forces from the Allied Kingdoms were able to quickly push their foes back to their flag, allowing the needed chance to capture their second flag.
The commanders of the Allied Kingdoms seemed to have drilled formation into the minds of their soldiers, as strong shield walls and spears worked together. However, the Grand Alliance found a weak point and launched a powerful counter attack, causing the wall to crumble. Following a ferocious assault at their enemies’ flag, the Grand Alliance captured their first flag.
With a new strategy, the Grand Alliance was able to blitz through their enemies’ lines and capture another flag within moments of the call to lay on.
Following the upset of the previous bout, the Allied Kingdoms sprinted to meet their combatants before they could begin to charge. However, the Grand Alliance stood strong and began to move as one unit to push their enemies all the way back to their flag. After an intense skirmish another flag was captured for the Grand Alliance.
Armies sprinted to meet each other near the center line for an intense encounter. Whether planned or not, it was an effective strategy for the Allied Kingdoms, who were able to use the confusion to slip a scout through in order to capture yet another flag. As the flag was captured, a medical hold was called, and a fighter was escorted from the field for a minor injury.
Field reset took almost no time as soldiers moved quickly to ensure as much fighting as possible. Seconds after the next bout began, another brief hold was called to ensure fallen fighters were uninjured. After the hold, fighting became intensely aggressive around the Grand Alliance flag, allowing for another capture and an even score.
With an even number of flags for both armies, they switched back to defensive tactics in an attempt to keep things close. Holding tight formations, the Allied Kingdoms slowly pushed the fight to their enemies’ flag. Once there, it was only moments before a scout was seen sprinting back with another captured flag. On his way, the scout hit the ground hard and a brief medical hold was called to ensure the fighters’ safety. Once the scout stood, “lay on” was called and the flag was captured.
With “lay on” called, the Grand Alliance sent a blitz unit to breach the enemies shield wall. With the line broken, armies split into attack and defense units. The Allied Kingdoms stopped the blitz, but were unable to stop a scout from slipping through and capturing another flag.
Armies reverted to tactics from earlier in the battle, both taking heavy defensive formations, meeting in the middle of the field with a thunderous clash. The fighters endured the longest bout of the battle, but slowly fatigue set in and the Grand Alliance reformed their strong line and pushed hard to take one of the final flags.
Marshals announced the last bout and fighters immediately began war cries and pounding their shields like drums, gathering the last of their strength to make their enemies work for victory. With all the built up energy, the armies met near the middle of the battlefield and held unyielding formations. However, an unnoticed flank opened and a small unit from the Grand Alliance took the opportunity to sneak past the fighting and move to take the undefended flag. Before the flag could be captured, a cannon blast signaled the end of the battle.
Following the battle, Marshals confirmed that the Grand Alliance had won the War Point.
Fight with honor. Die with Valor. Arise and rejoice with your friends.

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Og on Alcohol

I am missing Pennsic, again. I miss it daily. My morning starts sitting in my OG throne on the front porch watching the sun come up (much as I do at Pennsic). I have another chair on the back porch to watch the sun go down. I miss Pennsic! I miss the Pennsic people. I miss the Pennsic adventure.
A year and a half ago, I was involved in an industrial accident. Dropping over a hundred pounds on your chest isn’t easy, but I did it; OG can accomplish anything. My neck was injured in this accident, so bad I can no longer hold my head up on its own. My chin hits my chest and I stare at the floor. Lots of PAIN.
Dozen of doctors; I am on oxygen 24-7 and a BI PAP at night. I hate all of it!
I have lost over 100 pounds. YEA! It is due to trouble swallowing. Me walking 100 yards, I am done for the day. The company retired me after a year, so now I have all the time in the world to watch the sun go up and down. I had to give up driving; my hands are numb, no strength. My doctors still have no clue.
I try not to complain. I am very lucky to still be here. Am I going to get better? DAMN RIGHT I AM!!!
I will return to Pennsic, the SCA, and Pennsic is my home. Everywhere I look I see memories.
You have all been a big and wonderful part of my life. Thank you all.
Lords and Ladies, charge your glasses and raise them high,
To all of you have fun play nice. See you next year, God willing.
Drink well,
Drink often,
Drink with OG.

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News from Ulster’s County Fair! 4-H Highlights include Lacemaking: 1st place - Zara Schwartz, 2nd place - Joesphine Williams, 3rd place - Patricia Koenig.
OG sends his love and best wishes to all! He hopes to be here in person next year. Drink more beer!!! Love OG
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BIG hugs and kisses to the entire staff of the Pennsic Independent. Urchins, we love you all so much! The paper you are reading would not be here without many, many hours of tireless work. If you see someone wearing a PI favor (purple with a gold eagle and The Pennsic Independent stamped on it) please show them your appreciation.
Be good to the small band of Urchins left to deliver your papers today. They are all working double routes for a longer time, but have fewer papers to sell. Get yours quick!!!

War Points

Aug 6
Belted Champions Battle (Heavy): Grand Alliance 1
Heroic Champions Single Combat (Heavy): Grand Alliance 1
Rapier Champions Battle: Allied Kingdoms 1
Heroic Rapier Champions Battle: Grand Alliance 1

Aug 7
Armored Field Battle (Heavy): Allied Kingdoms 3 Grand Alliance 1
Bridge Battle (Heavy): Grand Alliance 2 Allied Kingdoms 1

Aug 8

Rapier Field Battle: Grand Alliance 4
Rapier Ruins Battle: Grand Alliance 1

Aug 9

Woods Battle (Heavy): Grand Alliance 2 Allied Kingdoms 2
Rapier Woods Battle: Grand Alliance 4

Aug 10

Archery Champions Shoot: Grand Alliance 1, Allied Kingdoms 2
Thrown Weapons Champions: Allied Kingdoms 1
Allied Champions’ Battle (Heavy): Grand Alliance 1
A&S War Point: Grand Alliance 1

Aug 11

Populace Archery Shoot: TBA
Armored Wall Breach Battle: Draw
Rapier Strongholds Battle Grand Alliance 1

Total Thus Far: Grand Alliance 22 Allied Kingdoms 10