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Fight to the Death

Battle Picture.jpg
Photo by Seᾴn Sreamach
Combatants throwing, trying to break Black Talon’s resilient shieldwall during the Field Battle.

By Uilleam of Clan Friseal
Battlefield Reporter, PI

The air was buzzing with excitement as fighters convened under shade and on the edges of the battlefield. They took their positions, then a cannon blast marked the start of battle. Combatants of both armies formed tight units and forced the fight to spread across the whole field. These tight formations held for some time until they began to pinwheel across the battlefield. The Eastern forces were slowly broken down until finally the Midrealm took down its final foe and claimed victory for the first pass and the first available War Point.
For the second pass, the air gradually filled with the sound of fighters on both sides counting down until the cannon fired. Both armies marched in tight formation. The East reached the center of the field where they were commanded to halt and wait for Midrealm forces to meet them. Following an extended standoff, the order was given for the armies of the Midrealm to charge where they met the Eastern fighters with a furious clash which rapidly caused the battle to be pushed to all corners of the field. Numbers dwindled until only a single group in the middle of the field was left fighting. After some time, Midrealm fighters struck down their final foe and won the second pass and the second War Point.
At the start of the third pass, a small battalion of Eastern fighters sprinted to meet their enemies near their starting point. They were quickly dismantled and both armies exploded toward each other. They met like waves of steel and began spilling out the sides of the battlefield. The forces of Middle and East pushed back and forth for some time until, eventually, Middle Kingdom took down the final Eastern fighter and were declared victorious in the third pass and the third War Point.
The armies marched slowly until just a short distance remained. That’s when the fighters of the Midrealm charged to meet the East. Arrows flew overhead and took down untold numbers of fighters. Slowly, formations began to dwindle until just one group remained fighting. Lines were reformed and both sides charged. With numbers in their favor, the East struck down all standing enemies and won the fourth pass and the fourth War Point.
Moments before the final battle, a fighter from each army met on the field for a duel. After an mighty exchange of blows, the Midrealm fighter was struck down. Both fighters embraced and returned to their units for the start of battle. At the cannon, a single Midrealm fighter sprinted across the field to meet the foe singlehandedly. An Eastern fighter met him with a heavy hand, and following an epic display the Midrealm fighter was struck down in glory. Following the single assault, the armies approached slowly until a charge was called on all sides, causing the field to erupt with the sound of weapons on armor. The lines splintered and pinwheeled until just two groups remained fighting on the field, one on each side. Midrealm fighters were preoccupied with the battle raging on the Eastern lines, but on their own side of the field just a small battalion held the East at bay. It took some time, but eventually the Eastern armies were able to take down the final Midrealm soldier to claim the final War Point.

Merchants Through the Years

By Lady Miriam Ester bint Issachar
For the Pennsic Independent

Shopping. For many, it is one of the highlights of the War. Do you look forward all year to looking for that perfect item to complete your kit? Those supplies to help you in perfecting your art? Are you just getting started and need a little of everything? Do you need a gift to take home to the pet sitter?
Most of us will spend at least some time (and money) in the merchant area this Pennsic. When you do, please take a moment to stop and think about the merchants and what they do.
Merchants have always been a part of Pennsic. At first people merchanted from blankets or even out of their camps. By Pennsic 10 most were setting up in the barn (now the Market) by day, but had to break down for dancing and court in the evening. A few started setting up tents behind the barn area. Before Pennsic 11, PA tax law changed and a license for the site had to be set up. At first the site arranged for a tax license, but the number of merchants made that too difficult after a few years. Because of that, and other factors, the merchants were registered for Pennsic 12 and the area behind the barn was designated for merchants. Mistress Tzvea was appointed merchant autocrat and she was the one who started the merchant flyer.
The move to registered merchants who were required to have period tentage was a problem for the smaller scale blanket merchants, so the bazzar was created. This was a large tent were people could get table space to set up a smaller booth. The Bizarre had set hours and made it easier for the small scale merchants. Eventually, there were two areas. However, around Pennsic 40 things changed again and the bazzar was shut down, leaving the tent merchants, and a few small co-op groups.
By Pennsic 16, each merchant had to hold their own PA tax license and spaces were being assigned. Priority went to merchants with period tents or setups. This was an added cost for the merchants, but still the number of merchants grew and soon the merchants were on both sides of the barn and eventually spread out to the Battlefield side of the site. Around this time, due to mundane laws and other factors, it was decided that merchants needed to carry liability insurance. The first year one merchant arranged to put a large number of the smaller merchants under a single policy, but these days most carry their own insurance.
These challenges didn’t daunt most of the serious merchants, and eventually the waiting list could be measured in years, and a prime spot was in high demand. Pennsic is a ‘juried show’ meaning that new merchants must submit pictures of set up and merchandise to be considered. Priority goes to period handcrafted materials that are used to pursue SCA arts and items that support SCA activities. Those with period tents get priority and mundane items that are not SCA related are discouraged. Merchants must be open at least 8 hours a day and up until at least 11pm on Midnight Madness. They must have enough merchandise to last the war or they risk losing their space.
So as you can see, the merchant life is more than just setting up a table and selling enough to pay for your trip. It is hard work done by dedicated people who spend their year looking for the right items so that you can look your best. So while you go on your way, please think about the merchants you look forward to the most, and thank them for what they do.

Unclassifieds 8-7-18

CAN YOU CATCH THEM ALL? Starting Monday of War Week, be on the lookout for a young lady with a pokeball pouch. Each day, she will be dressed as a different medieval Pokemon. Find her and correctly guess each first generation Pokemon to get a daily token. Turn in five unique daily tokens to earn a special prize! First gentle to do so will earn the special prize while at War! Happy Hunting!
Let’s play find Domenica’s Boyfriend! It’s easy - ask around for Domenica’s boyfriend (usually around E27) & when you find him, get a coin & redeem it for a shot @ merchant #20. Domenica’s Fine Fashions!

20 Years of Celtic Bardic, WOW! Tues! Bards Haven E19 Feast and Gifts for all as usual.
Super secret Wizard Rock Show - Efenwealt & Aenor are the Blibbering Humdingers. Nerd Rock & filk for Harry Potter fans. N15 Thanet House-bring a chair. CDs available at Camelot Treasures-booth 30.
12 Step Meeting 4:00 PM Daily at Denys the Decadent’s Camp EO7 Off Great Eastern Highway. Look for 12 Steppe Sign. AA, NA, OA, SA, Al-Anon. All Welcome
Voyage to N’Plork, where magic & technology share a codependency. Join near award winning author, Robert G Ferrell, celebrating the release of the “TOC Chronicles” & get your copy signed. Booth 179, The Basketman, Tues 11am - 1pm.

For Sale
New! More Valkyries, Books, Jewelry supplies #93 The Treasury Street of Gold
AAuthenticity is our thing at The Treasury #93
Wearable Unicorn horns! Sparkly and fun. Space 37.
Fresh Henna paste mixed on-site daily! All natural, darkest stain! Powder and oils too. Space 37
Drums hennaed - also people! Paisley Peacock space 37.
Pennsic Music Sampler CD! New music for 2018 from Thomas Bordeaux, Rosalind Jehannel, Aneleda Falconbridge, Efenwealt Wystle, and more. Proceeds directly benefit the artists. $16.98 Camelot Treasures Booth 30 for all your favorite bards.
Are your feet looking for their sole mates? Come see us at Medieval Moccasins, Booth #140 on Battle Road.
Delicious loose leaf teas by Tea and Absinthe, only at Materialis on Street of Gold, Space 87.
Knives sharpened, repaired, sheaths made. Sharp Pointy Things, space 13.
Gambesons, Wool Cloaks, Robes. Sharp Pointy Things merchant 13.
Pennsic 47 Tshirts! Bayuex Tapestry Booth 90. $13 or 2 for $22(3XL & 4xXL $2 more). Credit Cards accepted.
Period Pavilions for sale and rent. 1 available on site now, 11 more available at end of war. Space 28.
Vintage war games & rules, vintage mounted medieval posters, tapestries from Belguim. Wood bowls, silver & pewter goblets & mugs. Garb, new & used. Books 10% off, toys & dolls 20% off, & more. Space 28
Hauberk with attached coif and aventail, slightly tailored. Medium size. Made/worn by a knight. sp 28.
Mannequins & Dummies - merchants, garb sells faster displayed on a mannequin. Mediaeval Misc, Space 28.
Loom (4 shaft/6 treadle), spinning wheel. Celtic motif cotton fabric from Belfast, Ireland. 1000 yards other fabrics. Mediaeval Miscellanea, space 28.
Dodge Caliber 2011 good cond. 162K $3500 734-883-9893. Grey Uptown-loaded, reliable, good tires.
Need a gift for your pet/house sitter? Hand turned wood pens at Neverland Designs #121.
Kids garb. Most in 100% cotton. Neverland Design #121.
Linen Viking Aprons. Size small-3X. $66. Neverland Designs #121.
My Alchemist has achieved the transformation of form and left this mortal plane. But he’s left me all his stuff. The sale is at Garb by Loren 166 Fleet St.
Library sale. Non-fiction. 166 Fleet St.
Costumes by Loren has changed its name to Garb by Loren. Same business, same space, new name. 166 Fleet St.
Not coming back! Selling: 8’ table and benches in a box. Seats 8. $25. Large wooden chest 6’x22”, fitted w/removable liner for use as cooler, $60. Two 46” tables, polyurethaned plywood, octagonal copy from Cluny Museum, $75. Plain $25. Alice (412)715-6685.
For sale Canvas Camp Sibley Tent Ultimate 400. 13ft Round modern canvas $500. Ca mp Morningwood. E19.
For Sale: Commercial grill with stand immediately available $400 OBO text 814-392-6965. See at W08 Runestone Watch.
Need a family photo? Stop by “A Leather Crafter” Booth 56. We have stocks set up for up to 4 people at a time for a family holiday photo etc. etc.
We are all a large extended family. But there are too many names. So to help, we are giving away name tags. Stop by “A Leather Crafter” Booth 56 to get yours. Free while supplies last.
18x18 Panther Pavillion with floor. On battlefield to see 234-788-7337 $1,600.
Looking for Chainmail Jewelry? Visit Graybarr’s Archery. Check out Elfrhys Designs Space 92.
Reuseable straws in plastic or silicone, includes carrying/storage pouch & cleaning brush: $6 ea/2 for $10. Designs by J, booth #162.
Beer on Wheels! Custom made rolling cart. Holds 5 corny kegs, jockey box 2 stage regulator and 20lb CO2 cylinder. All included $300 OBO. Barony of Carillion N-10, Brewer and Fletcher. Ask for Rupert.
Camp Supplies! Angle irons 20+ for sheet walls $2 ea. Banner poles 14’ tubing $1 ea. Gate with castle walls 2x10 cross beam 4x4 posts $50. Barony of Carillion N10, Corner of Brewer and Fletcher. Ask for Tysha.
Sale: Selected recurve bows starting at $69. Greybarr Trad Archery, 92.
Sale: Selected Longbows starting at $99. Greybarr Trad Archery, 92.
Sale: 6 free arrows with selected takedown bows. Greybar Trad Archery, 92.
Sale: Youth bows starting at $20. Greybarr Trad Archery, 92.
Incline propane water heater for sale. $50 or best offer. Ask for Alaric or Arianna Polyhymnia N10 on Cariadoc’s Path. Look for the trailer w/blue shutters.
For Sale: Used Pavillon 12’x14’ all ropes, poles & stakes included. Roof needs to be resealed. $200 or best offer. Don’t want to take it home. See it at Greybarr Trad Archery, 92.
Tenmari books for sale. Many authors. Space 37.
20x20 Traders Tent $700.00 w/ropes, poles, stakes. Merch Space 4. Avail Sat 11th AM.
Viking Wedge $500 OBO. Must pick up by Thursday B7 Talbots Keep. Size is 14.6 by 17. Huge! Pretty! Very Good Shape! Call 724-550-5352
14FT Yurt For Sale. Needs some repair. $700 or best offer. Inquire with Crow @ Black Talon @ E18. Please txt 412-526-7688.
For Sale Drum Repair: If you have a drum that needs a new head, or just needs your ropes pulled, come to Touch the Earth and get an appraisal.
Efenwealt Live cd’s. This years show. Booth 30.
Tent top for sale. 14x20 Tent Masters, 3 years old. See Ian @ Ian Grove Merchant area. ph 304-270-0977.
For Sale: 20 ft Geodesic dome frame. $200 or best offer. See Morgan Wolfsinger @ Moongate Designs, St of Gold Booth 90.
Brass Cutlery by Master John. I don’t want it. Make an Offer and get it out of my life. Booth 90.
How could anything sarong be so right? Sarongs at Bronwyns’ Booth 90.
Tent $800. 15x9 ft with 6ft fly canvas, poles, ropes, & stakes. 814-244-9124 E22. Pick up Friday.

If you made a purchase @ Merchant #20 Sheep Thrills Aug 1-2, we had a problem with our CC reader. Please check in w/us ASAP if you bought a shawl or belt.
Closing the lid in the loo sends the smell up the flue! This Privy PSA brought to you by Camelot Treasures Booth 30.
Pokemon Go Players- Want to trade regionals? Coordinate @ Merchant #40, Tomas the Lapdary. Be discreet, please.
Filming will occur in public areas on Monday, August 6 and Tuesday, August 7. Please be present between 9 am and 6 pm.
Pennsic War Photo Portraits thru Fri pm. Contact Lady Erzulie @ judithtacelliphoto@gmail.com 617-686-1843 www.judithtacelliphoto.com.
Wulfden Scientific Dept. test results in: white swallows not really white, more beige.
Cowboy misplaced his pavillon. Find replacement at a trailer park.
To the Good Gentle that returned my armor to Lost & Found: You are what makes this dream work!
“NO” means “NO”! This goes for alcohol as well as sex.
In support of Pennsic Attendees, two grief counselors will be available from noon to 5 on Wed 8/8 in EK Royal. Any ?, email seneschal@eastkingdom.org.
-THANK YOU ALL - Sadly, I am on my way home already. Had a great time. You are wonderful people. Miss you! See you next year. Drink Well. OG
Are you a Chi Omega? I would love to know if I have any Scadian Sisters. If you are a chi-o, email me at jjcaitlynnschultz98@gmail.com.
If you purchased a bee lantern or a large cast aluminum tankard with credit card at Wolfram’s Wonderous Wares on Tuesday, July 31, Please come see us; reader wasn’t working properly. Space 132 Plunder Lane.

Help Wanted
Wanted: PA Accountant/CPA Call Joseph 317-946-3000.
Wanted: Strong Arms to run rolling mill. Paid piecework. Inquire @ Merchant #40 Tomas the Lapidary.
Armstreet looking for two strong individuals, to help with booth striking and packing Saturday, who are willing to work for cash or store credit (very reasonable compensation).

Lost & Found
Amber cabochon pendant with greyhound & butterfly carved from back. Lost around the lake. REWARD. text 423-530-3224.
Knife found at Amphitheatre. If you can describe it, you can claim at B04.

The Twentieth Memorial Ship will sail Thursday, August 9, Thor willing. Paint shields at White Wolf & the Phoenix, 120 Plunder Lane.
A memorial service will be held on Tuesday, August 7th, from 7-9 pm for Master Neko Me (mka: Keith Drew). Beloved husband of Aduke Ayoko Opo (mka: Sherrilyn Drew), from the Barony of Ravenlake, to celebrate his life, at his camp, Clan Nekoi in Block B2 on Bannockburn Rd. Master Neko Me was a founder of the Thieves of Hearts and was a Pelican. Held a Dragons’ Heart, was a member of Greenwood Company, held a Bronze Ring, Silver Oak, Purple Fret, Cavendish Knot, Dragon’s Barb, AoA, and was a member of the Royal Vanguard. All who knew him and loved him are invited to join his family for a time of remembrance. Light refreshments will be served.

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Zen Warrior Ladies’ Tournament

Photo by Seᾴn Sreamach Celestria Alexandre of Atlantia vs. Marta de Lyon of Atlantia during the Zen Warrior Pennsic Ladies’ Tournament

By: Ashelyn Ironwood and Celiedh Erikdottir
Rapier Reporter, PI
The Zen Warrior Ladies’ Tournament got off to a unique start this morning. At 9:45am, four ladies had already arrived fifteen minutes early, eager to sign up, but with no organizers in sight. Unfortunately it was discovered that the original organizers would not be able to make it, so volunteers jumped in at the last moment to ensure the tourney went on as planned. Professor Pieter van Doorn of the Middle Kingdom, in attendance as a spectator, took over as organizer and was able to enlist Lord Cyrus of Æthelmarc and Master Kai Tseng of the Middle Kingdom as marshals for the tourney. The tournament was styled as a combination of bear pit and round robin tournament divided between two lists. Nineteen fighters were in attendance, and fighters were each assigned a number. One list had 10 combatants, and one list had nine. The fighters began by facing off with their opposite numbers. For example number one faced off with number nine, two with eight, and so on. After each bout, they reported the winner, and then went on to fight the next number in their sequence. The lady Poppy of the Midrealm called the tournament a “meat grinder” because of the heat and the constant engagement of opponents.
A brief interlude was taken halfway through the intense fighting in order for all to attend the initial charge at the heavy weapons field battle. This was not regretted, as many from the ladies’ tourney, combatant and spectator alike, were pleasantly impressed with the enthusiasm and initiative shown on the field. Once the initial charge on the field battle had been witnessed, the ladies returned with swift purpose to their own intense tournament, and concluded it ahead of expectation at approximately noon.
Once all combatants had faced off against the entire field, the number of total wins was tallied for each entrant, and the top two combatants from each field with the most wins faced off against each other. The four fighters who emerged from the first rounds to face each other in the final round were Warder Francesca de Felice, Lady Alexandra d’Amiens, Lady Nyvein of Atlantia and Lady Symone de la Rochelle of Atlantia.
When Warder Francesca faced off with Lady Symone, the bout was called with no clear victor and had to be refought. However, Warder Francesca de Felice of the Middle kingdom claimed the overall victory, with Lady Alexandra d’Amiens of Altantia taking a close second. Professor Pieter then awarded both Warder Francesca and Lady Alexandra with gift certificates to Zen Warrior Armory, located at space 31 on the Street of Dreams near Penn Market.
While the turnout for this year’s tournament was lower than in previous years, there were many remarks that the level of skill shown by today’s combatants more than compensated for the smaller numbers. The turnout saw many fighters from the East, Atlantia, and the Middle, but some notable entrants from farther across the Known World were the Lady Merione all the way from Lochac with her unique blade named “Tiny Elephant”, and Her Majesty, Queen Asney of Avacal.
At the end, all the volunteers were thanked for taking the initiative to provide an enjoyable tourney to all those in attendance. There will be another ladies’ tournament on Thursday at 3pm.