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A Tale of Camels, Dragons, and Princesess

Nora Ishlar.jpg
Photo by Seᾴn Sreamach
Nora Ishlar, 3, of Atlantia painting a tapestry with her mom.

By THL Mary of Montevale
Features Reporter, PI

What can do if you go to the Children's Fete at Pennsic?
If you are Sir Erwin Bloodaxe, the Kingdom of Atlantia's newest knight and just elevated yesterday, you go to the Children's Fete in order to join your King and your Prince in the boffer lists, and allow a slender young girl to bring you to your knees—more than once.
If you are Sir Edwin's wife, Mistress Mary Isabel, you spend over two hours with a fine brush in your hand painting many young faces. Cordelia (age 10, Æthelmearc) knew even before she came to the Fete that she wanted to be Malificent. Her younger sister Elwyn (age 5) became a dragon thanks to some paint, and Katherine (7, Ealdormere) was a pink puppy.
If you are the Baron of Ponte Alto, also known as Alric the Mad, you run the camel races in which every child ends up a winner and receives a sticker. Many of the camels on this day bore a strong bodily resemblance to hobby horses, but had much larger noses and names on their necks. Some camels were girls (you could tell by the name) and were often the preferred choice of young female guests.
If you are Baroness Arnbjorg from the Barony of Stierbach, you preside over three (!) craft tables where 300 paper crowns are being adorned with innumerable stick-on gem stone in all colors and lots of stick-on shiny stars, so that the fete becomes filled with youngsters showing off their crowns and letting the grown-ups all see how bling should be done.
If you are Mistress Asalah al-Hina, you are once again painting elaborate henna designs on young hands.
If you are Mistress Morwenna Trevethan, you are instructing young would-be boffer fighters that they cannot enter the list unless they can tell the lady at the entrance the secret password. You also take time to speak with me and relate how His Highness of Atlantia pushed a wheel-chair-bound young lady around the list field so she could land boffer blows on her adult opponent. “We do our best to make accommodations so that all the children can participate in the activities they want to,” Mistress Morwenna told me.
If you are Lady Svava and Lady Torvi (both East), you arrive extra early to sign in 83 volunteers from five Kingdoms (Atlantia, Ansteorra, East, Meridies, and the Midrealm), and then relieve other volunteers to help finish up the job of registering 281 children and 201 adults for the Fete. There was also one unofficial volunteer from Æthelmearc, a man who stopped at the tote bag-and-banners painting station and sat down to create some free-hand additional outline drawings for the kids.
If you are Snow White for the day, you hand out many red enameled apple charms strung on thin white ribbons and remain totally in persona when I ask if any are poison apples, replying in a Disney Princess voice, “I would NEVER harm a child!”
If you are Sean, the PI photographer, you take lots and lots of pictures of grinning, bouncy delighted children, like the young man with Batman logos painted on his face, Fallyn (7, Atlantia) who had a balloon winged unicorn in the exactly-right colors of pink and purple, and the numerous young musicians who picked up some of the percussion instruments displayed on a bench and proceeded to keep the beat right along with the volunteer adult musicians.
All of these examples of what happened at the twenty-first annual Children's Fete are just one way of showing exactly why Fete Coordinator Lady Jacintha of Highland Foorde, who is also the Kingdom of Atlantia's Youth Minister, can say, “I love our volunteers!”
Her deputy, Mistress Cairistiona de Coueren (Alantia) asked that I remind all of you here at Pennsic—and those of you reading the PI at home—that Kingdoms and Baronies all over the Known Worlde can support the Fete by running an activity next year at the Pennsic 48 Children's Fete. If you want to volunteer to help out as a single individual next year, there are also many ways you can help on the day of the Fete. Please check on Facebook for the group's page.

Jacen Orland, 5, of Atlantia fighting for honor during Whack a Knight By Sean Sreamach.jpg

Lives of the Pennsic Saints

By Guillaume de St. Ferriol
Features Reporter, PI

For many people, playing in the SCA evolves into a life-long hobby. This may be doubly true for Lilias from the Shire Quintavia who, for her 15th Pennsic, is introducing her second generation to the SCA. Although Pennsic veterans, this year Lilias and her husband have brought along their 17 month old son and it’s a whole new Pennsic all over again.
Pennsic can bombard even grizzled SCAdians with overwhelming stimuli, and like all facets of child rearing, even the epic nature of the war is intensified when diffracted through parenthood. “My husband and I really love making the trip out every August, but we had to take last year off.” Now she says one of the joys of the event is to see Pennsic through her baby’s eyes. “He’s fascinated by all the people and tents and everywhere we look there’s something new to be amazed by,” she says. The legendary generosity of Pennsic spirit is also shown daily since, “Everyone who interacts with us is so sweet!”
However, taking care of a toddler really has its ups and downs. Beyond the never-ending work as well as the extra baby-gear required, Lilias explains that, “With this heat it can be so hard to keep him comfortable and hydrated.” Once the baby’s not happy, no one is happy. Also, just like back home, being a new parent can not only be exhausting, but a bit isolating. Even though she loves her camp and campmates, there will always be a little difference from folks who are all in the early 30’s with no kids. In addition to her husband taking his turns, she has coped with some regular Breakfast and Baby meet ups at the playground. Unfortunately, one “Pennsic for Babies” class she had hoped to take had a 9am start time, which proved to be a bit impractical. “I found that I needed a class that would tell me how I could possibly have made it to this class!”, she exclaimed. With a baby-sitting shift imminent, Lilias from the Shire Quintavia expressed another of the more subtle gifts of parenthood. “Since my me-time is more limited, I find that I really appreciate the things that I do sneak in.” She had a list of classes to enjoy and absolutely intended to poke at least a few people with a sword before the end of the war.
Lilias has been with Shire Quintavia for about seven years. She resettled from nearby Carolingia where she was introduced to our gentle populace at her college. She has always had an interest in medieval subjects, but like many of us, found Ren fairs just a little “too goofy” and she was thrilled to have stumbled on to something more substantial and participatory. Now a 16th century English fencer, her early entry was through dancing and an active cooking guild. Many SCA chapters might learn an essential lesson from considering what really hooked her into the Society - an organized fencing course that was offered by the college chapter. This consisted of an eight-week class, which not only provided more structure and a sense of progress, it also provided the 15 people in the group with a cohort that they could share the journey with, which gave them an immediate peer group. Out of her original class, more than half of the newbies have remained as active and serious SCAdians close to twenty years later.
The richness of the Society also brought Lilias together with her husband, who she met through fencing at local events. Having a partner who also plays in the SCA does make it easier to remain connected to the hobby she loves. Even though it is a little harder to get out to weekly practices, she is still able to get in her chops with pickup matches while her husband shares baby duties. Although her husband remains a bit more active and has become perhaps one of the premier fencing masters in the East, she did find it necessary to take some time because of the demands of being the parent of a young child.
Whether this story of SCA romance and marriage will naturally carry over for their son, only time will tell. Cuter than a baroque button in his garb, they have not picked a SCA name for their son yet. Lilias says, “We will certainly continue to bring him to events with us, especially day trips, but we need him to be able to choose his own name.” Pennsic is the SCA’s premier event but it is only the public face of our vast and fulfilling hobby. At times overlooked by those friends who have not yet seen its appeal, it is inspiring to recognize that there must be something special to a Society that was the primary venue to bringing together this young family who show every sign of carrying this “hobby” through yet another generation.

Unclassifieds 8-9-18

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To Vik.: A tent, a bed, a cooler, some garb, & you - that’s all I need for a good Pennsic! Love, Dom.
It’s been said that ‘A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality’. Thank you for dreaming together!
Queen Bee: To let you know we are “Bee-ing” good. The Hive.
To all of Never, Never in W-10, and especially to the one in the round period tent, have a great Pennsic. I wish I could be there. Love Dad.
Frank, Please forgive me and consider taking me back! Sincerely, Lothair.

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