Unclassifieds 8-3-18

12 Step Meeting 4:00 PM Daily at Denys the Decadent's Camp EO7 Off Great Eastern Highway, Look for 12 Steppe Sign. AA, NA, OA, SA, Alanon, All Welcome

For Sale
For Sale- Medieval Moccasins old selling tent. Panther 15x20. Fair Condition. Ridge & Center poles 12 of 20 edge poles $800 OBO. See Klaus Booth #140 on Battle Road.
Pennsic 47 Tshirts! Bayeux Tapestry Booth 90. $13 or 2 for $22(3XL & 4xXL$2 more). Credit Cards accptÕd.
Period Pavilions for sale and rent. 1 available on site now, 11 more available at end of war. Space 28.
Recurve bow -45# right hand $150 Camp Greenwood E18
Hauberk with attached coif and aventail, slightly tailored. Medium size. Made/worn by a knight. sp 28.
New! More Valkyries, Books, Jewelry supplies #93 The Treasury Street of Gold
Wearable Unicorn horns! Sparkly and fun. Space 37.
Loom (4 shaft/6 treadle), spinning wheel. Celtic motif cotton fabric from Belfast, Ireland. 1000 yards other fabrics. Mediaeval Miscellanea, space 28.
Fresh Henna paste mixed on-site daily! All natural,darkest stain! Power and oils too.Space 37
Mannequins & Dummies - merchants, garb sells faster displayed on a mannequin. Mediaeval Misc, Space 28.
Closing the lid in the loo sends the smell up the flue! This Privy PSA brought to by Camelot Treasures Booth 30.
Authencity is our thing at The Treasury #93
Delicious loose leaf teas by Tea and Absinthe, only at Materialis on Street of Gold, Space 87.
Lightweight embroidered Tunics, $20, at Materialis
Knives sharpened, repaired, sheaths made. Sharp Pointy Things, space 13.
Drums hennaed - also people! Paisly Peacock space 37.
Vintage war games & rules, vintage mou nted medieval posters, tapestries from Belguim. Wood bowls, silver & pewter goblets & mugs. Garb, new & used. Books 10% off, toys & dolls 20% off, & more. Space 28
The Brave, the Bold, the Caffienated! 20% off Gryffindor loose leaf tea, at Materialis, space 87.
Gambesons, Wool Cloaks, Robes. Sharp Pointy Things merchant 13.
Peace Week starts with happy feet! Come check out our Peace Week Sale Friday, August 3, 2018. Medieval Moccasins booth #140, on Battle Road.

Lost & Found
Lost red bag with 5 prs mens pants new. Reward. Turn into Clovenshield.
If you stole a pig last year, please return it to Claus the Toymaker so we can have pig stealing fun again this year.