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Welcome to the new look and feel for the Pennsic Independent on the web! We hope you enjoy the new features of the site and find it simpler to use.

If you are familiar with our partner site, SCAtoday.net, you will recognize many of the navigation features here. There are even more available if you wish to establish an account.

Over the next few weeks and months, we will be moving various aspects of the site to this new look. For now, we are presenting the Pennsic 33 Web Edition in this new format. Enjoy!

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Thank you, but ...

Thanks for coming back ... for a non-Known World recreator away in the UK (?Dragon Isles), your publication gives at least a minor insight into the Great War.

One comment :: the new layout seems to be fixed width, which means it stretches past the right side of my monitor. FYI.

Samuel, surnamed by some Sanskin

Not fixed width -- may be this problem instead

Greetings, Samuel!

I'm Justin, the person who did the technical setup on the new content management system. The site is not fixed width now; it may have been fixed width very briefly when it first came online, because of using the default stylesheet before I had time to customize. I agree with you that fixed width is a Very Bad Idea. The web is not a print medium, and people who treat it as such are making a grave mistake, in my personal opinion. I'm a firm believer in allowing the browser to adjust page layout as much as possible within broad page layout constraints.

What may have been causing your problem would be one of two things:

  1. If your monitor is set for extremely low resolution (e.g., 640x480) then the pages may be too wide due to the size of images. Since images are bitmaps, they can't scale with the browser size. Designers have to make a choice between having the images be too large on low-res monitors, or too small on high-res monitors. When I set up the page layout, we assumed that most people would have 1024x768 screens, the most common resolution for the past four or five years. A few will have 1280x1024 or higher (my personal system is 1400x1050), and a few will have 800x600.

    I set up the page widths so that it will "work at 800x600" but is optimized for 1024x768. Higher resolutions are no problem in this particular case. It just wasn't feasible to even support 640x480 any more, because the images and logos would be miniscule to people with the more-common (and higher) resolutions. The step from 640x480 to 800x600 is a big step in terms of percentages.

    If your monitor is still running 640x480, you may want to increase resolution. Many people believe that by switching to higher resolution, they won't be able to read the smaller fonts, but you can also tell your operating system to increase the font size so that the letters on the screen are approximately as large as before, but clearer.

  2. The other possibility is that one particular page may have caused the problem for you. There are certain types of text (such as a very long URL) that many browsers refuse to wrap across multiple lines. So if we happened to have a really long URL in one of our stories, that could cause that one page to be extremely wide. We try to avoid that, but sometimes one slips through.

Hopefully this problem is not affecting you any more; if it is, contact the webmaster and (if possible) send a screen dump (JPG is fine, for smaller size) of the page that has the problem, and I'll look into it.


Unclassified Ads without Paypal?

I know this is a silly question, but can you post Unclassified ads without paypal?

Is there someway I can subscribe and post my unclassified ads just using my credit card?

Thank you!

Congratulations, Thanks, and a Blessing!

Heirusalem and all the others who worked their collective tails off on the Independent this time around, Thank you. May you all be one blessing closer to your fondest wish!

Oskar der Drachen auf Klagenfurt