East dominates Middle in Thrown Weapons Champions

By Peregrine Fairchylde

Staff Writer, Pennsic Independent

In the sixth year of the non-war point Thrown Weapons Champions tourney, the East Kingdom and its allies brought the overall tally to three victories apiece by defeating the Midrealm and its allies on Wednesday.

Throwing at six targets with weapons provided by the thrown weapons staff - a twist that caught many of the participants by surprise - the two teams of 20 tested their skills with knife, axe and spear. At the end, the East Kingdom team scored 92 points to the Midrealm's 67, with Ld. Mikkel the Builder of the Barony of Dragonship Haven in the East being high points scorer with 14.

"[Thrown weapons] is the first thing I started in the SCA, so that's been six, five years," said Lord Mikkel, who is 19 and was the youngest thrown weapons champion in his barony.

He said he wasn't put off by the fact he couldn't use his own equipment, since he's won other tourneys with provided weapons.

"I'm used to throwing weird stuff," he laughed.

If not weird, "unusual" was probably the word for the tourney, with a mix of short spears, short and standard axes and knives provided, and targets featuring playing cards, a turkey, a fox, a groundhog and bales of hay with painted strike zones. The participants took it all in a good-natured stride, frequently ribbing and heckling their opponents - and their teammates - as each threw in turn. There was also lots of cheering from both sides for successful hits by anyone.

Lady Elayne Thorne, the head of thrown weapons, said that efforts have been underway for several years to try and establish a war point for the champions' throw.

"We're working on it," she said. "We want to see it become one - there's been six [champions' throws] and it's tied right now."

Earlier in the week, there was an open Known World Thrown Weapons competition, with 34 hurlers taking part. The winner with the knife was Alvcard from the Midrealm; axe was Dennis from ®thelmearc; spear was Owen from the Midrealm; and the overall winner was Ludwig from the East Kingdom.


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